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Rabbits reaching plague proportions now.  Maybe they'll eat some of the grass I couldn't cut the other day when the mower developed an oil leak + nasty noise. I don't mind them eating the grass - but it's the other stuff they do that makes me so mad.  Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's late with the runner beans...........


Good morning, everyone--we are having a spell of wonderful weather--sorry to hear about your cold, but you were having a warm spell when I was shivering in the rain. The trellises are finally finished and painted, so I can put away my tools for awhile and start working on the soil. Then the planting! That will be the fun part--I have many things in pots that need some ground to live in!

Pottie Pam

Hi Inkadog, it's good to get the boring jobs out of the way. I bet you feel good about that now. Enjoy your weather. It's not too bad today but the forcasters say we are going to have four weeks colder than normal weather for the time of year.

hypercharleyfarley- I know how you feel about the rabbits. They were almost wiped out at the end of last year with myxomatosis here (horrible to see) but they seem to have come back in even greater numbers. Hope you get your mowere sorted.


Do you remember the tree peony I have that has never bloomed for me? Well, it has, and it's yellow. I was hoping for pink, but it was free, so I can't really complain. Gift horse!

Pottie Pam

I'm worried about one of my apple trees. I have 5 altogether. Three about 15 years old and two planted last year. One of the older ones, Lane's Prince Albert, has always had a good crop but this year it is covered in blossom that looks as though it is dying and the leaves are not developing either. The blossom didn't even open so it's not pollination problems and there's no sign of damage to the bark. The other 4 trees look fine. We haven't a hosepipe ban here so I'm giving it a good soak to see if that helps. 



Well enjoy your good weather Inkadog and Pam keep up the hard slog, smiling visitors will be well worth it in the end

I was over my parents' house again today doing tons more weeding. Their soil is heavy clay (so different to mine I'm not used to dirty great big sticky lumps! And the weeds were everywhere! Oh dear, although it wasn't all bad. While I was there, the next door neighbour kindly offered me some redundant tools from her shed and a very large plastic pot which were gratefully accepted

I have a curly stem standard Wisteria that I am currently growing from seed that will love the big pot although that might be a couple of years yet.

Alternatively, I don't have water in my garden yet and this very large pot would make a super small pond! Oh decisions, decisions.

Off to take my bath now, enjoy your gardens while the weather lasts!


Saw the new collection of bins from Dorset County Council this morning. Think I might have to design and build a bin store for the front garden - as if I haven't got enough re-designing and refurbishing to do! Deep joy :- (


Last look at my monster Ceanothus in full bloom! It's getting a short back and sides once its done flowering, or else it will swallow the house!


Hello all, am back from my travels. Not had time to catch up on all the posts (and don't suppose I will either, there are too many!

Holiday was lovely apart from the food poisoning on the last 2 days - which was grim - then the chest infection I went down with immediately I was back!

 The weeds have gone mad at the allotment with all this rain so loads to do! I shall be planting my runners in pots this evening - didn't want to do it before I went away, and am glad I didn't as they would have rotted. Am growing 3 varieties this year to give 3 different colour flowers - well that's the plan anyway. 

Hi Pam, - chap has just collected the mower & says he doesn't think it'll be too much of a problem to fix.  Fingers crossed!

We've not had myxi round here for quite a few years.  I was wondering whether it's anything to do with the fact that the rabbits seem to spend far more time above ground these days than they used to do - I remember reading somewhere that myxi is probably spread by fleas via underground contact in the burrows.  Maybe those which survived past outbreaks spent less time underground so it might be an inherited trait.  They all seem far smaller than they used to be and I can usually see several at any time of the day whereas it used to be at dawn & dusk. What do you think?

Pottie Pam

Good news about the mower, Hypercharleyfarley.

We seem to get an outbreak of myxi every two or three years.  I think you are right about the disease being carried by fleas but it was introduced by man. The rabbits here don't seem any smaller but they can be seen any time of day or night. Even the dog is getting bored with chasing them.


That is one beautiful Ceonthus Wintersong

Deanos Diggin It

Good Evening All!!!

@KG, Soz, missed ya post! My eyes were more tired than my head last night/yesterday! Lol!! The Blue Bit's! as you describe are Alkathene piping used by our water board, which we have linked together to create a frame for a polytunnel. The sheeting to cover it it being picked up Friday/Saturday! Keep ya posted!

@Gardeningfantic, Keep pestering!! Lol!! 

@WS, That Ceanothus is awsome!!! I'd absoloutaly love one! But just don't have the room!!

Well' the rest of the beds planted at the plot! Greenhouse floor flaggged! I am gunna have a day away from it tomorrow! My poor garden at home, although not neglected! But as been very much left to it's own devices! n all in lovely flower with the spring bulbs etc!! So gunna have a few hours enjoying n overseeing that!! 

Away on a five day coarse for work in Newcatle next week! So will be able to finally sit n catch up with Gardeners World n Beechgrove Gardens thank to BBC Iplayer! My evenings entertainment in the hotel sorted!! n yeah!! I would rather be home! But Hey!! Oh! n Lilylouise! or Pam! (if I am allowed) The very best of luck! I really don't think I could put up to that pressure of time constraints weather regarding!!!! All the best with it!!!


It has been a glorious day, I have done hours of weeding and planting out dahlias but do not seem to have made a dent in the list of jobs.

@WS lovely Ceanothus

@lottiebeans good to have you back, you probably picked the best time to go away as it has been so cold here.


some nice iris and a branch of rosa nevada