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Well, KG, in Oz you never know!!! It's a country of extremes.

I missed seeing photos of the wedding-drat, but I did get to see the salvia/rosemary combo. I was hoping the tree peony was pink or purple, but the yellow is okay, I guess--I'm certainly not moving it--might sulk for another 3 years! Those columbines are the wild ones---they are everywhere here. As are foxgloves--don't know if they are native, but they are certainly naturalized. Should be a bumper crop this year--however I can't get the pink/apricot ones to grow here. Go figure.


Yellow is my favourite colour so I may be biased but I liked it.

I have one more wedding at the weekend (my niece) and will then be heading home.  I have warned my nephew and his wife (who are coming home with me) to bring lots of warm weather clothes.  This is the nephew who got married last October, not the one who was married last week.  Too many weddings!

I was so hoping that they would see my garden in its full glory but everything was so far behind when I left it a couple of weeks ago due to the weather.  My nephew is a big strong lad and is going to help me lay my spare paving slabs down the side of the potting shed.


@Dean Lovett, your pots look lovely and I am jealous of the gorgeous stone wall behind them too!

@figrat, good job. Those plants will thank you for it.

@Inkadog, wow. Your new path and trellis looked like a lot of hard work, but incredibly well executed. What I mean is, mine would have ended up wonky

@Debbie Mckenzie, welcome! Your garden looks just like mine did 17yrs ago but with more stuff in it and no fencing  Enjoy the gardening journey!

If I missed anybody, sorry and enjoy your gardens.

Lion S

Goodmorning all, woke up with some glorious sunshine and even though it's still quite windy I will be in the garden all day long. So a quick update.

@ Woo2, thanks for crossing your fingers too    

My job interview went very well and with a bit of luck I have the job!!!!!! I'll here something defenite today.

Yesterday I went to a GC that only sells annual bedding plants and I'm afraid I couldn't resist..... so along came Brachycome, Lobelia, Pelargonium, Helichrysum, Lofos, Agyranthemum, Nemesia, Felicia and of course trailing Verbena. I'm not sure these will be the last I buy    I'm afraid this is a "disease" that runs in the family 'cos my Mum bought even more than I did.  


Flowerchild we all suffer from that disease from time to time!! Got my fingers crossed for your job offer.

A bit grey here, will have to see if its dry enough at lunchtime to get anything constructive done at the plot. Yesterday all I did was weeding - between the onions and the beetroot seedlings. I'm hoping to get more done today. A shame that work gets in the way.



Well I had to go and get some more compost this morning (I do not know where it all goes) so I thought I would pop into the GC, cannot believe how expensive everything is and how poorly the plants look. I know that it has been a tough year for gardeners but I was not overly impressed. I want to be inspired before I spend. I did rescue an Arabis in the reduced section so I need to investigate that now.

FC - let us know when we can uncross our fingers

Lottie- how are your nasturtiums??


I hope you get your job Flowerchild I rescued a grafted Plum Tomato plant the other day for 20p reduced from £3.99  The lower leaves look rubbish but the new growth is fine  I am growing grafted Aubergines and Peppers this year for the first time so I will be interested to see how the tomato does

The bedding plants are now out of the greenhouses


Lilylouise, looking forward to seeing it all!! Am sure it will be spectacular. Tomatoes are tough little things aren't they? Will be interested to hear how the grafted plants compare to non grafted ones - is there much advantage?

Kate, the nastertiums are doing ok - I never did get beyond 75% germination but that's plenty! Some healthy growth but of course no flowers are yours?


It will be interesting to compare the grafted ones to the ones I have grown from seed,Lottie ! The Aubergine plants arrived a couple of weeks ago and were potted up- they are growing really well and have just been potted up again!The peppers are due to arrive sometime this week


Lottie my nasturtiums are looking very sorry for themselves, Geoff will be so smug if his are glorious

Pam this sounds like a military operation

Bloke's just been round and done Manly Stuff zapping the valerian on the top of my 15' wall. The roots do get enormous, don't they? Baby blackbird is getting more adventurous. Off to pull up chard just running to seed, and planting out kohl rabi. Black and red Russian kale germinating in the gh.

Took a turn around the garden this morning and am very pleased to finally see things growing or blooming now.

No jobs to do that can't wait though, my runner beans and other tender climbers are warm and snug inside my dining room after a recent cold blast curled their leaves. They will probably stay there for at least the rest of the month as I don't trust the British summer this year. They are waving at the broad beans and hardy annuals busy hardening off on the patio (probably with a smile on their faces).

Couple of investment plants still need potting on but I've run out of compost, no biggy


Kate - it is a bit  Once all the bedding is in, the garden is easy to look after- just picking over and watering for me and mowing the grass and weeding the veggies for Barry


Morning,all--another couple of sunny days in the offing--followed by some rain on Sunday and Monday-perfect; except its not that warm-only up to about 14 today. It's the beginning of tourist season here on the long weekend, must shop today before the hordes descend!Planted out the Lablab beans and tied up the sweet peas, will plant out the Malabar spinach as well.

Winter, I had to laugh at your comment--I didn't photograph the wonky part! My carpentry is amateurish, but I hide my mistakes with foliage. Building the retaining wall out of cement blocks was the hardest part. Still more wood chippings to haul and lots of digging to do. And one more fence section--then the new part should be deer-proof.I have a couple of wooden pallets I plan to incorporate, and an old door to hang as a gate.

thanks for the welcome...note new "name" (shorter than Debbie McKenzie)

weather cloudy but dry here at the a young guy coming hopefully this week to fill up a border with soil I have adopted at the front of house-really belongs to another but they put up an ugly concrete fence and left an empty boggy length of planting space, I have checked with our local council and they agree it would look better planted up, so looking forward to scavenging plants I'm not too keen on out of the back to fill it up...will take a pic...feeling lots of ivy coming on to hide concrete and a clematis montana to scramble up the brambles...

ps paid £1.90 for said clematis this week...paid £14.99 for same thing at GC 3 weeks ago...crazy...everyone be sure to check out "cheap jack" stores first!


I have made a decision to live dangerously tomorrow. I'm going to plant out my courgettes. I've had cloches over their allocated slots for about 6 weeks, and they've spent a few days outside, but are looking a bit bored in their little pots. 5 day Forecast here on southern edge of Dartmoor is for night temperatures no lower than 10C. Dwarf French beans planted out about a month ago are fine, (though have been under cloches every night, and during the day when it has been unspeakably vile). Broad beans which I sowed direct in Feb ( under cloche cover) have been exposed to the elements for a month, and are just showing flower buds. Might plant out runners and climbing French beans too. Not risking the tomatoes though.

Figrat, you are living dangerously - but it could pay off. Let us know how it goes!


@figrat    yikes


Hi all

My second sowing of caulis and cabbages have also failed, so I have tried sowing some in a trough outside. Potatoes have flower buds and dwarf broad beans have flowers!  First sowing of various lettuces have come to a stop, but big enough to eat.

Hubby built a netting cage to go over the strawberries.  Last year I caught the blackbirds eating them, and the only thing I had to hand were hubby's rolled up socks (clean), so I threw them out the bedroom window to scare them off.  hen the cat chased the socks!  Stupid animal

The weather was glorious here on Weds, then rained last night and tonight.

Trying to deal with a hyperactive child and a poorly cat ATM, so I think I have to put one to bed and try to wake the other up a bit.

Deanos Diggin It

Hi All!!

Welcome Debbie! Noted the change of name!!  that is one huge blank cavus to play with as Inkadog stated! Good luck with it!!!

@Kate1123, That red bracks thing is a Pieris! Mountain Flame I'm led to believe, Never labled! So a bit of a guess!! But defoe a Pieris!!

@Wintersong! The beauty of living in Yorkshire! Everthing is built in Yorkshire Stone!

Another productice day done!!