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@Dean and donutsmrs, still no sunshine here, send it over please

I am not happy, I popped out to measure my aquilegia and I found a pot of seedlings had been pulled out of their pot by some wicked bird, do they not realise that they can have the bugs but leave my plants alone 


Warm enough to get outside though a bit windy. Can't believe it's taken 2 hours to put down four paving slabs. Clearly I'm not the woman I was when I last did such a job (20 years ago)

Only a couple of dozen to go :- (


It hasn't been as warm to day as yesterday - the weather forecast is for temps of 27 next week

I have been in the greenhouse potting up

Courgettes - Defender,Pinstripe and Nano Verde di Milano

Butternut Squashes - Harrier

Pumpkins - Jack of all Trades

Pam x

Cut down and dug in phacelia - but left a couple to flower, they're sp pretty and the bees adore them. Planted out 2 rows of carrots, 1 row mixed salad leaves and a row of coriander. All above sown and germinated in lengths of guttering - I think I'm definitely a convert to this method, it's so easy! Baby blackbird going for short flights. Lovely still warm evening here, off to sit in the garden with a glass of White wine.

@dean.. that is looking great.. very envious of that tunnel.

@debbie.. welcome to the forum..cant wait to see your garden in pictures as it transforms.

@everyone.. hope you are all well and gardens doing great.. i am going to be putting summer bedding plants out and in pots.. as greenhosue is heaving under the amount in there now.. and have to get ready for sowing of seeds at this time of year.

our tomatos are not growing to well this year and our spring onions have not transpired at all.. so fed up with it..

@figrat.. i have heard about growing shallow rooted veg in guttering.. was going to do my spinach and lettuce in some.. it really works then.

i have been watching baby starlings in the garden today.very noisy but adorable with their big eyes.



Started off dull but got brighter this afternoon. Not much to do in the garden for me today since I'm not planting out any tender stuff as the wind is too cold.

I did cover my beets with prunings to keep the birds off though, (they have begun pecking the leaves again), onions are going a treat now, lettuce looks feeble, strawberries are healthy, sweetcorn still under cloches, broad beans are getting leggy, runners and coriander is tucked up on the windowsill until June. Haven't done any brassicas this year since I'm currently soiless in my fourth raised bed.No biggy.

Still landscaping the end part of my garden, lots of digging through the last patch of builders rubble and bindweed.

Watched Chelsea preview show on the telly.


@wintersong.. i am off to watch it in a recorded it earlier.. cant wait..


Oh I forgot about Chelsea  I will watch it on iplayer


Went out into the greenhouse today and something has eaten my pepper plant, I've got two growing and both were doing really well. Now I have one good one and the other one has just its stalk left. I've sown somemore though, I will not be beaten. The sun didn't last too long here and the clouds soon arrived. Sounds like good weather for next though wooohooo!! 

the garden this morning plus a peony and iris. the dahlias are now at 50%. 14 have sprouted 15 have not but perhaps? total solar eclipse here this afternoon so out in the high desert to watch it.

Gorgeous photos David.

I  lost the first lot of my dahlias. A slug got in the green house.  Started again and just pricked them out today.  Have got them in the conservatory on the windowsill, not a chance of slugs there! (Well, until I plant them out, then will have to be extra careful)



Sun, sun, sun!  Glorious here today, 5 (!) loads of washing out and dried today.  Sat in the garden sewing today, taking up hubby's work trousers.

Daughter saved the pips from her apple today and insisted on planting them, so I have now got 8 potential apple trees in the GH.

The pumpkin seeds I saved from last years lanterns have just germinated, much to my surprise. We shall wait and see.

Lovely pics David, did you get to see the eclipse?

Figrat, I have never heard of using guttering, brilliant idea.  I got to try that!

Rob Stevens

It's been cracking rocks here in Sunderland. Got a mammoth amount of weeding done and had a barbecue


Hello,all- still under the weather,which is cloudy--wonder if we will see the eclipse. I managed to get the Silver Lace vine into a bigger pot; will have to do until my energy returns. Happy gardening!


Hello everyone. gorgeous pics David.

I got out in garden yesterday for a while.. was a chilly eind but fine for gardening and titivating I h ave seeds to plant today and off to do neighbours garden tomorrow.. it is a total overgrown mess.. but once i get through all the overgrown plants and shrubs i think there is some nice plants in there...just got to find them.


No gardening today since the wind is flipping cold again. Finally have my alliums begining to break and the first of my poppies is opening today. Group two Clematis are all in flower now barring The President which is growing healthy but no sign of flowers hasn't flowered for a few years

Hostas are looking gorgeous at this time of year, Foxgloves are showing their flower spires now and some other plants such as my Canyon salvias and Convolvulus Cneorum are lagging with all this cold, but at least they are alive.

Inside, my Basil seedlings need pricking out, 3/4 50p bargain plants are making slow but stable progress and the march cuttings I took of Penstemons and Phlox are finally showing roots.