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@ Steff37 - can't claim the credit for guttering, I think it was Geoff Hamilton! If you have a poke around the 'How To' section on this site, I think there's a short Sarah Raven video on it, or there's loads of stuff on YouTube as well. You must try it! Fab for successional sowing as well.

Well we all seem to be suffering with various pests or poor weather.

They promised lovely weather today but still covered with grey cloud. Just to top it off they seem to be pumping out the drains on the road and the noise is that horrible vibration that makes you want to do shout at them.


Kate, poor you - I hate loud noises like that. Sets your teeth on edge. No sunshine here yet - am waiting....


@wintersong.. i am rather keen on the ferns you have got yourself.. wish we had a wilkinsons over here.. that was good price..


the sun has just showed its face.. but my god the wind is howling today.. my foxgloves are getting a beating as is my gorgeous tall iris.


Lion S

Afternoon all, this morning I had some very good news: I have the job, yay!!!!! So a very very big thank you to everyone who crossed their fingers - and some toes also   . I am starting this Wednesday so am over the moon. Initially I'll be working two days a week but I hope I can persuade them eventually to make that three.   

Finally it's getting warmer, phew. We've had some glorious days of warmth and sunshine with rain and thunderstorms at the end. I really love watching the lightning with all these serpentines in the sky. The plants are thriving and I noticed that our Albizia is starting to come into leaf. Unfortunately a climbing rose has been damaged severely but I haven't lost it completely so hopefully we will get some flowers.

Hi Lottie, hope you recovered well after food poisoning and chest infection. I've had it once and hopefully never again. Very tiring and painful.

Kate, that 's an aweful noise. Do you have to stay at home?

BTW, has anybody heard of Jo and Yvie?


Congratulations Flowerchild

I tried to do some gardening this morning but the wind was crazy, I kept getting compost in my eyes. They are still pumping the drains, I am supposed to be working but struggling to concentrate.

@FC Jo popped up in the "weather" the other day, Yvie has an exciting life I work from home!

@Lottie cheers, how is the allotment?

@gardeningfantic, my iris is struggling in the wind too


Well done Flowerchild - am really pleased for you. I'm sure you will enjoy your new job.

Kate, the allotment is a bit of a mess, but its been worse! Still got an area that needs preparation before I can get my courgettes and squashes in, and I need to get on with it! Should get done this week if I don't get distracted. The broad beans, peas, onions, shallots, garlic and potatoes are growing nicely, but so are the weeds, and the grass edges badly need a trim.

I got 3 dahlias yesterday at the allotment plant sale, so will be planting those soon. They have some healthy green shoots - do you think they can go in now or should I wait a couple of weeks? The weather looks promising!

Pottie Pam


Kate at least if they are pumping out the drains you won't get flooded, the noise must be annoying though.'

The weather is a lot warmer here in Cornwall and I've put the geraniums and hanging baskets out on the patio, ready to take them back in if the weather gets cold again.

My 'Bishop's Children' dahlias have appeared again. I've left them out and they have survived 3 winters outside. I cover them with a good layer of rotted horse poo. I grew them from seed and they are real stars. Lovely dark foliage and bright single flowers. I collected some seed last year so it will be interesting to see what colours they are. A lot of the leaves are greener than the parent plants so might be different.


@Lottie I would put the dahlias in, I put mine in a couple of weeks ago and they are ok. If I waited much longer the ground would be solid.

@pottiepam, I also collected dahlia seeds and I will be interested to see what grows although they will need some sunshine to flower. Glad your dahlias reappeared.


Flowerchild, that is wonderful news.

I miss Jo and Yvieh,too.

My dahlias are outside in pots--they come through the winter in the ground, but they were in the wrong place, so last year I dug them up.Think I will keep them in pots this summer.

It's raining steadily here, but it saves me from having to water, so it's all good. Still recovering from my bug.

what a lovely day...finally...have been given a great bamboo from a god forgot to ask what its called umpf, its got green/cream varigated leaves. have also filled the "adopted" border at the front, looks much better...knackered now...ha ha...

pics to follow...cant find the little thing to put card in from mob.,...hubby has soooo much computer stuff aka flaming mess all over the place...urgh!

Lovely walk on Dartmoor this afternoon in the sunshine - collected a carrier bag full of sheep poo to dunk in water butt!

@flowerchild.. that is such great news.. hope it all goes well.. will await your post on wednesday to see how it all went.

@figrat.. i know iam going to regret asking this......but.. why do you put sheep poo in your butt


i potted up som of my year old neapolitian cyclamen today.. ready for next year.. not sure how long before they flower..was told 2 years.. and i am going to ask if anyone knows if i can chelsea chop my nepetina (cat nip) plants or not as they are big and blousely and getting beaten by the wind.. i am going to do my sedums but nothing else is big enough for it.



Here the comfrey is ready for the chop to make comfrey tea. Don't like to let it go to seed, or it will take over.

Today is an inside day--bucketing down, but the outside smells are wonderful.


@inkadog.. i ahve thought about growing comfrey as monty says it is good idea.. you can dig it in or boil it to make a liquid feed... is that right.. and how do i get seeds for it.

@ gardeningfantic - I'm going to put it in an onion bag and attach it to the lid by a bit of string. Hopefully it'll act like a huge tea bag so I can then use the water from that butt (lucky enough to have 6 dotted round the place) as a feed.

@ figrat.. that is a brill idea.. never ever heard of that.. i will have to go to sheepwash farm and get some.. i have 5 buts around the place.. so will have to get rather a lot.. neighbours will love me.


gardenfanatic- I am in Canada, so can't help you with seed- but if you have a friend with some, it is easily divided.It self seeds freely, so take care it doesn't take over. It is useful as a liquid feed, diluted 1to 10, or added to compost to hot it up. Nettles work too--no shortage of these around here!