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Oh- I never boil it-just chop it or tear it up, put it in a lidded container, top up with water, and leave to rot for a couple of weeks. It will absolutely reek- but dilute it as above when feeding.Terrific stuff.


@inkadog..many thanks for that info.. i will give it a go... Canada hey... gorgeous Country.. where abouts are you?

@gardeningfantic - I believe the best comfrey to use is called Bocking14 (catchy,eh?) which is sterile, so root cuttings or begging best option. Gets very big, but cropping will minimise intrusion. Watching local weather forecast (S. Devon) forecast for 22C tomorrow. Woohoo!

I am on a small island on the west coast of Canada-halfway between Vancouver and Victoria. Warmest climate in Canada-quite similar to yours, except we have had a cold wet spring and are a few weeks behind you. I am waiting for my irises to bloom.

Deanos Diggin It
Hi Guys! @Flowerchild! Good on ya! Great news!! Well First day in Newcastle done! Only three more to do! I don't know why! Always imagined it would be very industrialised! But couldn't be further from the truth! Very picturesque being right at the side of the Tyne river, n the hotel I am staying in is more or less situated directly underneath the Tyne Bridge, right on the quayside! Very, very relaxing! But bring on Thurday! I need to get back on the plot!!



Well done Flowerchild on your new job, I remember that feeling very well.

Inkadog - your Island sounds lovely, hope you get some warm weather soon, its been lovely in Bournemouth today.

Dean - Sorry you are stuck in a stuffy conference room in this lovely weather, don't worry you will soon be back on your plot enjoying the fresh air.

Excitable Boy

Congrats Flowerchild. Hope the job is everything you wish!

Five warm, dry days in a row here, so I've been a very busy boy! Got most of the path edging cobbles concreted in and the scalpings wheelbarrowed. Beds dug and planted for Dahlia and Asters I grew from seed so at last a bit of room in the shed. Put down weed fabric around my strawbs and covered it in twiggy bits sieved from the greatly reduced but still huge compost pile. That took FOREVER!!

Last Thursday I planted about 12 rows of various salad veg. The Mizuma is already up! Still no sign of the beetroot I sowed in March though!

Only three of the 25 french beans I planted in pots on 9th April have showed up. I didn't overwater this time so I'm at a loss.

@ Kate: Like yours a lot of my seedlings seem to have gone into a sulk and decided that they rather like being one inch tall. Perhaps the heat will make them change their minds.

@Wintersong: That is one serious ceanothus - must keep the bees going for miles around!


Excitable Boy- I sowed my french beans, 2 weeks ago and they are all 1 foot high, maybe you were a little early and they are sulking in the cold. I am going to start resowing lots of seeds soon and I hope they play catch up when the weather improves.

Rob Stevens
@flowerchild - Well done and congrats @Dean Lovett - Newcastle is a great city. It produced me for a start. I live just south of it in Sunderland. If you can while you're there, head out to the Ousburn valley in Byker. Some brilliant pubs - the Cluny and the Tyne are 2 of my favourites. Another warm day here with more weeding done and my nicotianas potted up. Now sprawling on the sofa catching up on Chelsea.

@inkadog.. sounds lovely.. and your avatar shows that too.. My dad was born and lived in Canada all his life.. i was born there and moved here with my mother and siblings when i was about 4 when they split.. i used to go back and visit him yearly.. but as i got older and had family became more difficult.. my Daughter is out there now running his business now.. she loves it and will not come back here. (met a fella)

it is a beautifully outstanding country the scenery is breathtaking..

Pottie Pam

My friend's dad was a champion leek grower in the North East. (I was born in Newcastle too, but live in Cornwall now) He had a secret formula for growing his prize leeks and always went up to the moors for sheep poo.

I remember seeing a programme on comfrey and they fixed an old drainpipe against a wall and stuffed it full of comfrey and collected the drips of the comfrey at the bottom of the drainpipe when it rotted down. The liquid did have to be diluted. I do put nettles in a dustbin full of water to water plants with.

Inkadog- hope you are feeling better.


I've had patchy germination from my squash seeds this year - so will have another go, and hope they catch up. I'm hoping the warm weather will encourage them. The beans have yet to put in an appearance but I left sowing them until after my holiday, so there's still time for them to get going.

I made some nettle 'tea' last year, great stuff (and very smelly). This year I'm doing the same but I also got some comfrey seeds off the internet, some of which have germinated so I'll transfer them to a large pot for use later on.

Went to the plot last night after work and got bitten by a vampire - well judging by the red lump on my neck that's what it was!


It was a toss up today, do I sort out the spare room or do I go out into the garden, guess which one won? Just come in from planting out my runner beans and sweetpea, it is really hot out there (Yes, I did say hot). I've taken a few cuttings off my Fuchsia's, I have quite a few I just love them. We still have beautiful clear blue sky in Bournemouth.


What a difference some warm weather can make in a garden.  Last week nothing seemed to be in flower but now it's going mad.


Been landscaping the very bottom end of my garden which has been a rubbish pile for too long!

I'm a bit surprised by how open the space has become, half the rubbish is gone and the half will go just as soon as I can arrange transport to the tip.

Digging was very easy on my soil despite the builder's rubble although I did squeal once or twice over the humongous spiders and I have a whole sack of bindweed for my troubles. That's the last of it in my garden after 17yrs, apart from one or two annoying sprouts under one of my trees and buried into concrete posts that will have to be sprayed instead.


Excitable Boy
kate1123 wrote (see)

Excitable Boy- I sowed my french beans, 2 weeks ago and they are all 1 foot high, maybe you were a little early and they are sulking in the cold. I am going to start resowing lots of seeds soon and I hope they play catch up when the weather improves.

I had them in a propagator at 16 degrees, didn't overwater this time. Time to try different seed I think as this is the second lot to fail.


The last 2 days of rain have perked everything up--I am finally feeling back to normal [whatever that is} and will probably be outside pottering around on this cloudy day--nothing too strenuous. Your garden looks lush, Muddyfork!

The bluebells and autumn crocus are just beginning to fade, and next week I will be composting the foliage and clearing space for the geraniums and other things in pots. The ceanothus is getting ready to bloom. And I am enjoting the first flowers from the choisia, which I grew from cuttings taken a few years ago. Love the smell!


Here are some before and after photos of the front hill garden, taken from the porch. It's quite a slope.



I cannot believe it , yesterday miserable today is so hot my seedlings are wilting, I feel things are growing as I watch them.

@lottie probably bitten by the ghost of geoff

@ Inkadog that area looks lovely

@muddyfork that is a great border, looks better than I have seen at Chelsea.

@excitable boy, I would suggest changing seeds, mine germinated so fast I thought that they had been invited to a party with a free bar.


These caught my eye earlier on in the day at the edge of my garden.