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Deanos Diggin It
Hi! Everybody! @Rob, there will be no time for sight seeing this trip unfortunatly! But thanks for the tips anyway! @Muddyfork, lovely border! @Inka, Amazing what a mixture of sun n rain can do! Well day 2, module 1 complete n passed!! Let's get day 3 n 4 out of the way, job done n home! My Buddy rung me today, 27 degree's on the plot today! Can't believe I'm stuck here! But hey! Needs must I suppose!! Just typical!!

iris tectorum, the sun went behind a cloud just at totality which in a way was even more spectacular-like a dragon behind the clouds. the weather was better than good. as long as the drainage is good the dahlias can go in any time, they just won't grow much til it heats up-not the problem here-the question is what to do with all the extra sprouts-when we only have room for 25 or 30 dahlias it seems silly to make more, yet propagation is so entertaining.


Saw my first cockchafer of the year last night. Shame they're so pesky, they are magnificent-looking beasties.

Pottie Pam

FloBear- Apart for the grubs doing damage the worst thing is when they blunder into your face in the middle of the night but they do look spectacular.

David- We were lucky to see a total eclipse in Cornwall in 1999. It was overcast but just at the last minute there was a break in the cloud. Unforgetable time. We had a big bonfire as the Chinese beleive it is a dragon eating the sun so light fires to scare it away. We weren't taking any chances that the sun would be eaten.

Did you see the eclipse, Inkadog?


Rob Stevens

@Muddyfork - that border looks really good. Romping away.

I had a good poke round my garden last night and the amount of stuff that's started rocketing up after a couple of days of heat is incredible. I also found a rose that I didn't know I had in the middle of a self seeded bush I was hacking back. Good find I reckon!


I'm itching to get to the plot this lunchtime but I can't as its son no. 1's birthday tomorrow so I have to go into town to buy gifts.

Dean, I looked at your photos of your allotment on the other thread - wow that's well organised - mine is nothing like as tidy! I can't even get seeds sown in a straight line when I use string as a guide! I am sure you have done so already but make sure your greenhouse is very well anchored to the ground - a lady on my site had one like that and in strong winds it became airborne and was completely wrecked. She gave up her plot soon after that, such a shame.

I've got a long list of things to do, including planting out my squashes. They will appreciate this warm weather (as do I!)

Eurgh! Just seen a rat. It's put me off enjoying the sunshine.

figrat you have my sympathy, after seeing one on my patio I always look before going outside.

lottie, those boys are lucky, will there be cake?

Lovely weather again


There may well be cake - but more for my benefit than his I think!


Pottipam, I missed the eclipse because it was cloudy and rainy here, more's the pity. Still cool and cloudy here; hoping for sunshine and more warmth by the weekend. Have moved many hopefully deer-resistant plants in pots to the west garden-still much cleaning up to do before they get put in the ground.

Pottie Pam

Sorry you missed the eclipse, Inkadog. Hope your plants escape the attentions of the deer. The b****y rabbits have nibbled the first cosmos I planted out. I have plenty more so I'll try putting some hair combed from my dog round them. It works until the birds pinch it for their nests.


I have found that nothing is deer-proof once they get hungry enough-the only solution is a sturdy fence. I have chosen to leave this side of the garden unfenced, and am only planting low maintenence grasses and phormiums, barberry and the like. It is basically dry shade. All my other gardens are fenced and guarded by my dogs.

Deanos Diggin It
Good evening Guy's! @Lottiebeans, Thanks for your concern n kind words, but the greenhouse is bedded on four 3 x 4 inch hardwood timber sleepers, partially buried, n tied into the poly-tunnel which has eight, 8ft scaffolding poles driven 5ft underground! Believe me that structure ain't going anywhere!!! Lol! n yeah! My veg is out in the raised beds! Although not boat loads! We said a little return for our efforts this year would suffice as we started from scratch! Course done tomorrow! Then home time! Really, really can't wait to get back on it!!



my garden today was fully of tiny little pin head size black bugs.. nightmare.. they were covering everything white and yellow..

been too hot today to do any gardening.. and even hotter in the greenhouse.. so just at and looked at it and thought about new borders and designs.

this hot weather due to last.. but then it is chelsea week..dont expect anything else.

Lion S

Good afternoon All, yesterday was my first day at the new job. When I came home after a very busy, hot day at the GC I had to plough through a thunderstorm with strong gusts of wind. Quite dangerous actually with all the floodings but I arrived at home safely in my old Fiat Panda.

I was happy to see that in this GC they have new stuff coming in every day and things are sold very quickly. Lots of beautiful plants, shrubs and trees and they sell bedding plants as well.

Together with the owner's wife and daughter I'm resposible for selling, advice about and taking care after the plants. I wouldn't have thought that there would be lots of customers with those temps but from about 9:00 till 17:00 it was busy. Have to admit that today my muscles are a bit sore as it has been over a year that I had a job like that but that will be a question of time. I'm just happy to be "back in business".    

Thanks for all the support and congrats everyone. It is very quiet here today, so I'm guessing you're all having a good time at Chelsea... 


Please can anyone tell me what this is,  it's in a friends garden and neither of us have any idea Thank you in anticipation

Emma Crawforth

Hello Rainjustlearning,

It looks like a white lilac to me. Have a look at these pictures, and see if they match up with the plant in your friend's garden.

Emma team


Been really busy this week, at my parents yesterday weeding and arranging their garden better and attacking my bottom patch today, digging, weeding, leveling and landscaping with the remains of my rubbish pile being collected tomorrow. Yippee, I will officially have reached the end of my garden with no more massive landscape work to do.

All I have to do now, is fill with plants