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How bizarre! I just back tracked to take another look at everyone's photos and Geoff's edited pic has undone itself!

What is going on?  When Geoff posted the edited version after my critique, I saw no change. Later, as I was reading other posts, I noticed it had changed and commented accordingly and now...its back to the original un-edited version. I am baffled.


Well I'm confused anyway!

Have just dutifully read the 61 posts so far today.  Haven't we all been busy!  Love Geoff's pics.  Have you changed your profile picture?

Lovely sunny day here, not that it did me any good as I was in the office for most of it as usual.  Did a bit of gardening in the evening sunshine - mostly cutting things back (don't like to say the P word).  Several shrubs have been trying to grow over the path/lawn.  Both rosemaries, euonymous and sage all currently going beserk with spring fever.

Yvie's strawberries have lots of flowers on them now.


Why do lavenders never seed themselves in useful places?  This is the third time the stupid plant has seeded itself in gaps in the paving stones. 


Yes. That's what I saw . You may have a gold star.



Another very grey day, but not raining at the moment, I may need to move some more plants out of the house.

KG none of my lavenders have ever self seeded, the path must give it perfect conditions.

Geoff no to sprinkles, yes to chocolate curls.


Ws-am wearing my star with pride-can't work some of this stuff out

KG-yes I have changed the pic-well spotted.

Watch out-frost has been mentioned in the forecast and it is going to get colder in the next few days.


OOp north we're frost free this week and we seem to be ahving a day of rain then a day of sunshine so not too bad, except like Koalagirl I'm in the office all day.

But we got the other half's potatoe's planted - our first go at veg

And I've found a reason to be cheerful about the weather 1 2 3...  The dandelion seeds aren't flying around everywhere!  Last year the warm dry breezy weather took them EVERYWHERE (there's a traffic roundabout 1/2 mile away that's full of them) and as I've got a newly sown wildflife meadow this year they would be most unwelcome!


My grammar and spelling are awful!  Sorry - dyslexic fingers


Morning All,

Hope everyone is well.

A very grey start here, but had a potter about and checked on things.  Everything is growing at a rate of nots, so I took some piccys and posted them on the photo thread.  If it brightens up later, I may do some weeding.



@KG: I suspect the seedlings have a much greater survival rate in pavement and patio cracks because they get the perfect little environment with moisture and shade, away from pecking birds and heavy feet.

Well, I have been itching to prune back some of my shrubs after a little epiphany hit me last night. I Love foliage and the shapes plants grow into (especially those small shrubs that naturally grow compact rounded shapes) and have always wanted but never owned any box hedging/topiary. A few reasons including price, time, lack of know how and fear of ruining things have put me off over the years until now...

I realised, rather belatedly, that other species besides box can be trained and clipped into shapes and I adore pruning things...I adore those shapes and everything small leaved and sculpted, so after some research, I discovered that my garden is full of perfect substitutes for topiary. I shall practice on the larger versions over the coming seasons and take cuttings to grow new topiaries later in the summer.

I'm very excited and it seems like the perfect addition to my style. 


Hyppybyker good luck with the veg, I am not finding it as easy as it looks.

Great photos Yvie. 

Geoff I have checked my forecast no frost predicted here??

Wintersong I would also love some sculpted plants, I bought a box last year for £2 in a sale and in a couple of years I hope to get a nice shape

Oddity- a month ago I had a couple of leggy begonias, I was advised to hard prune and that has worked out well. I put the cuttings in water and they have produced roots plus they have produced leaves on the bottom of their stems, completely covered in water. I thought leaves needed air?


Kate-the frost might be confined to the north-Hyppybyker land ??-it it going to get colder though 18C today,10C on Sunday here.Be very afraid

Postman been -no tarpaulin day 2- and rain overnight

Ws-I like your style


Ooh - didn't look like it on Country File's weather, will be vigilant.  Thanx Geoff.  Tho I do hold with the old adage about not exposing either myself or my tender plants until May is out

Thanx Kate - sounds like you're a flower person as well!  Hope t'otherarf doesn't expet me to accept responsibility for the blighters EEk! maybe I shouldn't have said that

I saved some begonias from my baskets last year and 3 out of 4 are OK and growing


hyppybyker-where are you exactly here is a forecast for Manchester-says 2C for Saturday night

Kate and I have similar tastes- dahlias are our faves-I saved begonias from last year as well but won't tell you how many are growing



Ah, Country FIle only went to Thursday.  But although Manchester is only 20 odd miles away but I'm nestled on the Cheshire Plain in Northwich so we avoid the worst of the weather in the region - more like Stoke really.  The only things I'm really desperate to plant out are Sweet peas and a couple of sunflowers (which are getting to tall for the coldframe) but I think I'll wait a couple more weeks ss I've grown some specimen ones this year.

I've was given 3 Bish of Llandaff last year which have overwintered well and a couple of yellow/orange ones, 1 of which has roots but no shoots so I've potted it deeper s I'm hopeing for a good display thie year   Look forward to seeing pics of yours & Kate's

Just sorted out compost bins. Now have 1 dalek with stuff ready for use, 1 in the process and 1 empty which I'll start filling when I can summon up energy to clear bed of psb and flowering land cress.


And there is a plant id that requires your attention


For some reason the site is kicking me out completely when I put in either Northwich or post code - will try again from home

Figrat, 3rd dalek sounds like a good idea...

err what's psb?