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Wintersong, Sambucus Black Lace is a gorgeous plant--I love mine. Bonus is that deer don't eat it. Wonder if it's possible to propogate it somehow--would like one in my unfenced garden.


@sotngeoff- what seedling got jaundice?

Just one leaf - I wouldn't panic...yet! Maybe the seedling got a bit dry in the heat?

Here's the overwintered shoots:

 And the ones ready to go out:

 And some dwarf french beans that went out about a month ago:



When I was wandering round doing the bean shoot, some other things caught my eye. Mme Alfred's getting in full swing.

 I love these irises.


  And I liberated this little beauty from the greenhouse:

 Courgette looking happy - she's surrounded by climbing mangetout Carouby de Maussane, which has such pretty pink/purple flowers...eventually!


And won't be long before the broad beans....




Inkadog, propagating Sambucus Black lace is easy - take hardwood cuttings, just like you woudl with buddlejas. 

Black Lace is 'patent protected' but that only matters if you were intending to sell the plants under the 'Black lace' name. 

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Guys! Back From Newcastle! Test passed! Certiticate issuued! Job done!!! Been a few busy days back on the plot being away from it! But the hard work now almost done n looking forward to the turn up n potter for an hour scinario!!

 A view from Greenhouse to Polytunnel!

 Our little reward for our hard work this year! 



Well done you! Enjoy it for many years to come

Excitable Boy

Wow Figrat, all your plants are so much further on than mine!

(tries to upload a photo but fails )


@kate1123.. many thanks for that..

@dean..looking good very impressed.

@wintersong.. here is pictrue of so called fox tail lilly..

@figrat.. love those iris too.. goreous pale purple/lilac..

some lovely plants pictured further back also.



Dean- that looks fab-so well-organized and well-built. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Figrat, that little beauty is a bromeliad[can't remember the name], but they are hardier than you would think. One winter I forgot mine in a pot outside for the whole winter, and it not only survived-it thrived and made lots of pups! Now I just put a couple of pups in the greenhouse for insurance.

Gold1locks, thanks for that-I realized that mine isn't Black Lace after all ; has a coarser leaf- but a friend has one I have always lusted after, so I think I'll beg some cuttings.

beauty of worcester-opens double on old wood, single on new

garden is almost overwhelming-if you never hear from me again you'll know it was little shop of horrors all over again.

alliums here in reno are so free in seeding that every spring i pull out hundred and still there are hundreds.

sotongeoff-great pix

walking the dogs at the university today. a compendium of the most unfortunate architectural ideas of the past 60 years, yet the excellent landscaping somehow blends it all together into something pleasing. and if someday we need a museum of bad modern architecture, well there it is, complete.

the peonies that i hybridized and grew from seed will bloom in the next few days

will keep you posted 



My ceanothus also regularly shoots out from old wood so the experts obviously do not know it all.  Mine is still covered in flowers at present.  I will have to be even more drastic this year with its annual pruning because it has gone absolutely crazy.  It's having a good go and climbing across next door's window.  I was apologising to them this afternoon but they assured me that it is so pretty that they don't mind.  Every year I hack it back, I never water it or feed it but it remains a monster (albeit a beautiful one).

We had a nice pub lunch with my dad today.  The aussie visitors were most impressed that the pub dated from the 18th century.


@gardenfantic, yeah, it looks pretty alike but I must let you down gently, its a baby! Mine used to have upright spiky leaves and its dawned on me that perhaps age lengthens them? I also learnt recently that they self seed if you leave the flower spikes until autumn. I've always left them on by default, but don't recall seedlings yet...I can but hope!

@david spikes, so exciting to see how your peonies turn out! Advanced congratulations for your efforts.

@KG, haha, nice one about the Ceanothus and our old English pubs

@ inkadog - billsbergia nutans. Got bored with it, gave it to a friend who emigrated to France so the orphan returned! But happy to have her back, will divide and pot on when current psychedelic flowering session over.

Thanks, figrat, I lost the tag ages ago. Yours has inspired me to repot mine; it's suffering from neglect. I went through a bromeliad phase a few years ago! And then there was the grasses phase, and the succulent phase.........and on and on.


@Geoff, figrat , david, great photos, so nice to see success stories.

@Wintersong, how big does a foxtail lily need to be to flower?