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ok thanks everyone.. i have always changed every day and used rain water.. anyway they have been bathing in it... so must be ok


@Dean Lovett, Well done again. Incredible job and best of luck with the tasty treats! That table and benches looks suspiciously like a beer seat

Some photos of my garden today!








 Phew! What would the workload be like if I didnt have huge empty borders?


Lovely WS-you work very hard -have a treat


My treat are the plants at their best! I love every minute in my garden and cannot imagine life without one!

it seems hard that when the that the garden looks almost perfect it means that it all needs to be done again. the hostas must come out next year to be split and replanted while trying to remember all the things that they have overwhelmed but which are probably still there. despite thinning everything by a third every year, still they quickly reach the point of open war and covert assassination. saw Marigold Hotel yesterday-a little cute and contrived but oh lord, why do English writers and filmmakers make England and the English look such a misery- or is that just for the export market? 




Beautiful, WS--is that a froth of London Pride in front of the fern? Lovely.

Very inspiring!


@david spikes, I think every culture has something unique that it brings to the fore without even trying and in spite of being overwhelmed by the American influence since the days of Ronald Regan, us British really are a quirky bunch

@Inkadog, How bizarre that you mention one of my favourite plants that I took a cutting from my mother's garden just a couple of weeks ago! It's actually Heuchera Peach Flambe in the photo although I plan to plant the Saxifraga around my patio in troughs that are presently vacant, and knowing London Pride, not for long!


I thought it was London Pride too.  How do you keep the slugs off your hosta?

Inka - I dream about hearing the water butts filling up!


I love London pride and can't wait for my tiny cutting to get going around my patio area for next year.

@KG, piles of grit over the crowns each spring in a circle that extends beyond the touch of leaf to ground. The circles of grit get bigger each spring but it also acts as a great mulch to boot and whilst its not 100% slug proof, its pretty decent for the two years I've been growing hostas (this will be third). 

Will also try the garlic wash through the summer months on dry nights as last year I did get a bit of slug damage when the nights got warmer.


Must admit, Dean, I couldn't spot a weed--they wouldn't dare, would they? Looks like a good spot to rest on your laurels and enjoy a well-desrved bevvie.



@wintersong.. your garden is looking gorgeous and very lush.. i love what looks llike blu aquilegia.. one in photo under that enormous hosta.. is looks very happy there.. i have had problems with slugs too.. just  case of going out and throwing on path for thrushes..

i got a pot of londons pride at car boot last year for £2.  i then managed to splt and get 6 plants.. was so chuffed.. love it reminds me of my Nana.. as for the saxifrage. i love it..tried growing from seed and didnt do well.. so have to try again.

i can fully understand your love of the garden and not ever having one.. i spend all my time in mine.. at the cost of the house work but it is the best place to be in my mind.


i must admit.. most of my family do not understande me and my love of gardening.. they always moan when i say garden vouchers for birthday and xmas... except my Mum as she is as bad as me for garden.

but i cant understand them not loving it.. it is an escapism that i cant do without.. i love nothing better than wondering round the garden nurseries and eyeing up plants.. thou i do not buy so many now.. i tend to buy seeds.. and Mum and I share them.. it is so satisfying to watch them grow and mature and know you did that.. its like having children really..

anyway i could waffle on all day aobut it..but i wont



@gardenfantic, there are quite a few bonuses to not being understood. Firstly, you don'th ave to share your garden with anyone else thus your sanctuary remains so, secondly, you have complete autonomy since all the decisions are yours (perhaps with compromises around the budget). Thirdly, all your mistakes are hidden in ignorance...why does that plant look dead? Oh it's not dead...its just shedding a few leaves

And finally, you can impress those who know nothing about plants without much effort. Some of my friends miss me on facebook not for my super personality, but for my garden pictures! Enjoy your freedom!



Lovely to see the pics WS - a credit to your love and attention


Aren't we lucky to be able to be passionate about doing what we love? And I am grateful for this website which connects me with people who understand completely!

Love the photos particularly.

More rain for at least today and tomorrow--think I'll take the opportunity between showers to take a bunch of cuttings. Might transplant some London Pride!



@Inkadog, ooooh, now I'm jealous!

Deanos Diggin It

@Figrat- Yeah! Well chuffed with it!

@WS- Always room for a beer throne, no matter how big or small! Lol!! n your garden is looking gorgeous!! 

@Inka- ain't we just!!!! Some people just don't get it! Lol!! But would gladly take a pot off ya hands in full bloom saying that's lovely! But really, really don't get the fact you may have nutured that said plant for weeks if not months!! But I really, really wouldn't want it anyother way!  That sence of giving does it for me!!

memorial day mendocino-calif. coast

wintersong-here is a peony i hybridized and grew from seed-how enormously satisfying that it is so satisfying