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eremurus himailicus


@david spikes, as ever, your garden thrills me! Thank you for sharing it with us so often, I never tire of looking at your wonderful photos.

as for the peonies, it is just perfect! I love their foliage and the fascinating garden requirements of peonies and especially the single blooms which are just bewitching. Such a beautiful soft shade of pink! Congratulations on your patient work!

Rob Stevens

@Wintersong and @David Spikes - Lovely pictures from both of you. Wish my beds would hurry up and fill out a bit. Still far too much bare soil. I'm very impatient I know... There's all sorts of stuff in there which I know is just waiting to sprout. I've just noticed today that my Digitalis appear to be on the edge of flowering



@Rob Stevens, oh I have plenty of gaps! Remember my monster Pampas grass that left a huge crater on the sunny side of my garden? Before that, I was digging up Raspberries after reading about how invasive they are and that has left me a completely empty full sun border that runs to about twenty six foot by seven with hardly a penny to buy new plants.

Oh well, the joy is in the creating and every spring I get all excited about the re-arranging I've done in the hope of improvement. I'm a perfectionist so its a lesson for me to live with gaping holes and unfinished planting but time will not be hurried.

All I can do is try to reign in my passion and try to enjoy what has been achieved up to the here and now and in the mean time, I just ensure my camera angles are flattering. Ever notice how many close ups I do? It's because I want to fill the photo but my plants are rather tiny


David, what is that stunning blue flower?

Winter, I have decided to fill my gaps with propogated plants, seeds, and swaps from friends. I have made the mistake of spending a fortune in the past, and then having things die from drought in the summer, as my water supply is limited. I am constantly dividing and moving things around. I often grow things in pots to fill the gaps. Of course, I am fortunate to have a large attached greenhouse to overwinter things.


@wintersong and inkdog.. yes it is great to be so passionate.. the flowers, the birds the wildlife.. i love it all. and this place is a gold nugget of info and like minded people.


Deanos Diggin It

Hi Guy's! Thought I was doing too well! Turned up on the plot today to find the pigeons had, had a hey day! Grrrrrr!!! Hey! Ya live n learn!! 

 Don't think they have stripped em! But now netted! see how we go!! I'm really hoping they will pull through!! Lesson learnt! 

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