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psb  purple sprouting brocolli 

And very nice it was! Have left one in as I might be able to get a few more spears off it. Have about half a dalek full of stuff so that should get off to a good start. Also have a couple of trugs of compost to go on the bed when I've forked it over, along with a sprinkling of cluck muck. Rain later so at least I won't have to water it in..

Oh veggies - I reckon I might have more success with winter ones so maybe this year....  I do love psb and I could do with the extra for the compost

Psb needs to be started off about now! Already got some coming on in modules.

I have been out in the garden, so cold. I could not put any dahlias in the ground it seemed too cruel.

Last year  I liberated some thrift seeds from a neglected garden, they are now quite large plants. Has anyone else liberated seeds?


Excitable Boy

Wow! Two evenings gardening in a row! Got the lawn mowed on Monday (thankfully) and weeded the veggies last night. Some radish nearly ready, strawbs in flower, shallots, onion sets and salad potatoes looking good, spinach, parsnips, turnips and psb doing well, BUT beetroot and carrots more miss than hit. Any explanation or ideas, anyone?

The dreaded spring onions are at about an inch and a half after 6 weeks. Will they or won't they, lol?

Sadly bindweed seems to be my most promising crop.

Bed cluck mucked, forked over and mulched with 2 big trugs of compost. I want to lie down now!

Morning,all--clear here today, but cold--it was only 4* at 6am, and will only get up to about 11 today. Hopefully the weekend will be warmer. It was so cold in the kitchen this morning that my breadmaker wouldn't start until I had the fire on for an hour!

Many outside jobs to do today--tomatoes get put in their big pots; mulching with grass clippings, and cement blocks to be lugged to their final resting place. Finish strimming the driveway. As usual, have too many tomato plants-have given away a lot, but always keep a few as insurance!


figrat do you have pigeons. I would like to grow broccoli but I have a family of pigeons in my garden.

Excitable Boy , I am impressed you could cut your lawn it will be a week before we can cut ours

There are a couple that visit the garden sometimes, but I haven't found them to be a problem- or maybe they just haven't found the psb.
Excitable Boy

lol Kate, my lawn is much reduced in size this year as it was getting to be too much. Just as I started the mower there were large spots of rain but I went for it and the clouds blew off for once.

Doesn't happen very often!

My garden does seem to be draining well despite all the rain but I think I'm going to lose my bargain Poundland Delphiniums (11 for £2) which look very sorry in their rain-battered state.


The tarpaulin arrived late afternoon-so with a lot of string and help from Mrs Geoff the chickens have now got a roof to keep the rain off -the first test is tonight.

EB-what part of the country are you?


Yay fir Geoff's toasty chickens!

Grey day today but no rain, so I could get on with exploring the centre of my Pampas Grass. I'm afraid to say its a complete gonna and with pruning loppers, sheers and a mattock, I am busy creating a small mountain of bin bags.

The middle garden suddenly looks enormous! And wide, I mean this monster took up 8-10ft diameter. But, think what lovely new plants will go in that space now...already busy making wish-lists! And OMG, the compost this thing has made over the last ten years, its coming out the middle in bucket loads!

Out with the old, in with the new. No complaints.


Wintersong - it is sad to lose plants but as you say you now have a lovely new space to fill

We have sorted a few borders this year and I am pleased to have more planting spaces

I pricked out psb,Kale  and Primo cabbages today and also planted up some tubs

The NGS County organiser called this morning with all our posters etc. for our Open Day - makes me a feel a  bit nervous


Yeah! Shelter at last for the sotonchooks.

I had unexpected free time this pm as an errand I'd promised was done by someone else. Continued digging out brambles, ivy and bluebells (Spanish) from what is slowly becoming the fruit bush bed. Also have small mountain of bin bags. Tried not to undo all the good that this morning's massage has done.



Excitable Boy do you not have any fleece? Having looked at the predicted weather for May I may need to make some more fleece bags.

lilylouise it will be fine, by the time your garden is open it will be glorious sunshine .

Wintersong that is a monster.

Geoff are they dry roasted chickens?


Wintersong, a few years ago I grew some pink pampas grass from seed, after admiring it in someone's garden.It has made a large clump, but sadly it has never bloomed.I wonder if I can move it to the west garden? At least the deer won't eat it.


@Inkadog, mine has always flowered but after researching the net to discover why my Pampas died, I also found a lot of people asking why their Pampas wasn't flowering.

The answer is simple, don't feed it. I never fed mine ever and it would send up many many flower spikes every year.

It's the end of an era for my raging Pampas, but didn't it have a good life , and its so exciting to design a new border.

on the way to monument valley