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 merry christmas FG 



I usually look like this Verd........


 and that's on a good day.....

Veeeeeery interesting 


Merry Christmas to all my new friends here at the Gardeners world forum you all have helped me take back my garden.

Clueless xx


Same to you James and all FORKERS.


Merry X'mas all, and a very happy 2014.Lots of safe and pleasurable gardening X

Merry Christmas to everyone good health and all the best for 2014 Andy Xx


Thank you all for your advice ,friendship and laughter ..

    Have a very Merry Christmas everyone xx



I am a bit afraid your picture may have given Verdun the wrong idea about you...


It actually looks a bit like my daughter when she was dressed up at Hallowe'en!

I really look like this:


Merry Christmas everyone and hope all your gardening dreams come true-mine included!

Great to be part of this lovely forum, have enjoyed reading and learned a lot and am even more passionate about gardening and now have the time to do it!.

Cindy xx

No Gilly, I Never get the wrong idea.  Take people as they are and just assume they are the best I am, of course 



You should see me normally...look like a bag of spanners.

I'm a bit concerned now that it does look a bit like daughter's Hallowe'en outfit! 


Fairygirl wrote (see)

You should see me normally...look like a bag of spanners.

Don't believe that.


Why do I mess up the quote thing?


Less of your cheek Lily  I'll get you at playtime on Hello thread   Just realised you mean fairy...never mind will still get you.

star gaze lily

 Bet she looks like this 

He he he Kef