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Hi all i read in an old mag someone gave me( Grow It July 2012 ) the star letter says she has almost no probs with slugs anymore, she cuts a gutter 10 inches long to form a tunnel places the tunnel on the soil and putts slug pellets onto a jar top to keep them dry and places it under the tunnel says its very effective (100s of slugs) she says Right im definatley trying that one it makes sence might be useful Alan 4711
sweet p

That sounds like a good idea. As slugs seem to like dark, moist, cool places it might even work without the slug pellets. I will try one with, and one without, and report back.



sweet p

Have tried this method for the last two days. The first morning it just attracted 2 slugs but this morning was better. The guttering with slug pellets had 6 slugs under it and the one with no pellets had 5. They mostly were attatched to the guttering and so were very easy to remove, I just knocked them off with a stick and into a jar of salty water. Thanks Alan for this useful tip, hopefully my precious plants will survive a bit longer now 

Shrinking Violet

I'm not sure this will be useful for slugs - but sounds like it's a tip that will be very useful for gardeners  

I shall definitely try this.  Thanks for the info.



Very good idea Alan thanks! The gutter would be relatively easy to hide too, once plants start to grow around it 


Once I have killed the slugs, by salt water,beer traps and other methods, where do i dispose the remains?

On the compost heap once dead!  




Im going to try this one Good bye slugs dont like being cruel but they are a nuisance. thanks Alan

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