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where can I buy one..?


BUY WORK CLOTHING .  nah lad mills and  p- way supply  um . night all


That's exactly it..!
Thanks to all for taking the time to respond.. appreciated.

the next bring and buy sale at a Russian Gulag?



Behave Hostafan 1 or you will upset you know who.......the USA is already giving him a hard time. He might be tempted to turn our heating off


I'm intrigued now jatnikapyar, For what is the  usa giving him a hard time?


I bought a similar one - manufacturer YARMO and made in England! - Engineers Work Jacket - JK01 £18.45 - Does the job for me. Washes great (non-bio), 100% cotton.

Jack 3
I wish I hadn't seen this thread, now I must have one!
David K wrote (see)

Oh Gawd!!!!! Coveted it may be, but is the 'blue navvy jacket' (even with a shirt & tie)suitable attire for VIP day at Chelsea?......One was probably not amused!


Looks quite fetching with the shirt and tie.. BBC must have told him to bring it in case no one recognised him in a suit.

Best man at a Eddie Yeats wedding springs to mind



We used to have a roadsweeper who wore that outfit when I was a little girl. Perhaps its linen and that's why it looks scruffy.


Has Monty damaged is knee of leg in some way? (Hence the walking sick).


Well, he did have a stroke didn't he?  Maybe there's a little residual weakness.

A  cotton or linen suit seems perfectly suitable clothing for a gardening occasion with temperatures in the mid 20s.  Frequently seen at the smartest concerts at the Aldeburgh Festival and county summer weddings   


Think he said he hurt it last week - in Sunday's Chelsea programme, or maybe in the countdown to Chelsea. I mean that's when he said it, not hurt it!