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Will get the series link ready!

Bunny ...
Look forward to it, hope I remember it is on .
Oh thank goodness something to really look forward to! (I am so weary of adolescent TV - this is sure to be grown up).

I just love it when Monty does all the travelling and leg work for me. He's the perfect travel companion for a garden tour. I shall find some suitable French wines to sip, a warm baguette and a wedge of Brie, notepad and pen, slosh on some French scent and let him whisk me away on Feb 1st.

Thanx again for the heads-up Sotongeoff.



Just a reminder

Lyon Greene wrote (see)
TV highlight tonight - Monty's new series begins. This photo is from Radio Times. I think the Monet garden will be next week...

Bunny ...
I'm ready and waiting
Caz W
sotongeoff wrote (see)

Start Friday Ist February at (9.30pm in Wales) BBC 2

Thank you for remembering the time difference for us in Welsh Wales


Thanks for reminding me - series link set!  Carol first then a bit of Monty, lovely.

I cannot wait! saw Monty on Breakfast this morning he is so excited too!


I really enjoyed that tonight those gardens looked so grand if only I had the space and money I could start tomorrow with my spade and the hosepipe lol

Yes, I too watched it and found it fascinating. Amusing how it followed Carol Klein's last programme which is always delightful but talk about one extreme to the other.

As long as we have lots of gardening programmes I am certainly not complaining...

Bunny ...
I see next weeks is the potager /kitchen garden , look forward to it .
Gary Hobson
Girasole wrote (see) about one extreme to the other....

What I liked most about Monty's program, and what put his program in strong contrast with Carol's program, was that he did not mention a single job that needs to be done.

That's a reminder that a garden is meant to be enjoyed (IMO!), and his program was exactly that - enjoyable.

After Carol and her root cuttings Monty was a breath of fresh air - lifting our hearts and raising our spirits. Loved every minute. But hey who else likes the new blue scarf effect?



I dunno.  I don't like those big, expansive, formal French gardens done as a statement of wealth and power and control.  They seem soulless.   I do understand the whole historic context but the gardens leave me uninspired and unadmiring except for maybe a water feature here and there.

The scale of Diane De Poitier's garden was far more human and enjoyable and I loved that Paris rooftop garden he was so sniffy about.  Can't see why he didn't like the smell of money and taste.  We're always told that in confined spaces a simple colour palette is most effective and it is, after all, a major design house garden.   Found it amusing that he should talk about it being a money garden but fail to see the correlation between his own large garden and extensive resources compared to the humble plot of most new builds.

I found he managed to make a fascinating subject quite soporific and just hope he's a bit more lively when he gets to potagers and other French styles.


He always makes me go to sleep as well. Too laid back!


I prefer the Monty Don approach to all that frenetic over excitement we see so much of on the box


I find I switch off or change channels if I'm being shouted at by morons but just doze off with Monty.  I fast forward when Joe Mockney Swift is on.

I take note of what Olelixx has said about the power and money aspect of the early French gardens - but they still look wonderful. Also as someone looking to move house (downsize house but not garden!) the modern new build gardens are minute and to find one that is sunny too is almost impossible.

Dreamy Monty has his place alongside your practical Joe Swift.