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 Moon is out. Doesn't look quite right because it's still very light here.


There's a extra large supermoon expected tonight, you're very lucky to see it, rain obscuring the sky here.


Ooh I didn't know that. Thanks SwissSue 


What a lovely view you gave runnybeak.

It's mahoooosive here in Nottinghamshire Too!


And there should be good meteor showers until Wednesday.



Thanks Topbird.

Does anyone watch out for the International Space Station passing over?  A regular on another forum gives us the heads up when we should get a good sighting - we've seen it several times - brilliant 


We wouldn't have seen anything last night alas! Far too cloudy


Mornin' Dove

Didn't know you could see the space station - is it a GW forum that gives the heads up? If so, which one please?

Hope everyone's garden is ok after yesterday btw 


Good morning all

Dove, can you pass on the heads up next time it comes round. please

I didn't know you could see it either

what a beautiful photo runnybeak


Ta everyone for comments on the moon picture. 



Tootles what an eerily beautiful picture of the moon. 


Peat B

 Moonrise at Cape Tribulation

                               Ailsa Craig Light

                      Girvan Harbour at Sunset

Steve 309

On the subject of sunsets....

 Sadly, not by me.   Loch Ranza in May.


Beautiful pics Steve & Peat. I love, love, love Scotland. Spent a very happy night in Loch Ranza on a boat a couple of years ago - so beautiful & peaceful - we were the only ones there.



What - no midges Topbird. Must agree though there are stunning areas here.

Fabulous sunsets Peat and Steve


I think the gin fumes kept the midges away Lesley .... It was a good holiday ...

Jack 3

Beautiful pictures everyone!

Regarding ISS Dove and Nutcutlet, I get an email notification each day that the spece station is passing over. It tells you what time and what direction and how long it will take to pass. I always watch it. I'm in my garden every evening/night though, and see lots of satellites each night and usually a few shooting stars too. 


I enlarged your pic Tootles and it is ready ethereal.  We have just had cloud cover for a few nights now. No chance of seeing anything, but I'll keep trying

Knew I'd read about the moon somewhere. Had it 'resting' on my neighbours roof not twenty feet away. Stunning,  lit the entire close. Made the night sky seem blue. Too bright to take a photograph.

I took some sunrising photos on the monday morning and sure that there was still moonlight reflected in the sky. 

Beautiful photographs everyone