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I sowed seeds of Morning Glory in April and planted up the resulting plants in a big pot containing an obelisk for them to climb. They have done so and even gone into an olive tree behind the pot. The growth is lush and they look very happy. They get full sun for all of the day and I keep them well watered, feeding them once a week with Miracle Gro. The problem is that there are absolutely no flowers! The seed packet says they should flower from June onwards. It is now the end of July. And, yes, I have been up early enough to see them if they should flower! Should I stop feeding them as a friend has suggested?  Has anyone else known this happen? I would appreciate any advice.


Mine are doing more or less the same, though I have had a few flowers. The plants just seem to want to reach for the sky without flowering much. I, too have been feeding them with multi-purpose plant food, perhaps this is the problem

Victoria Sponge

I haven't fed mine at all and they've barely grown in addition to not flowering Quite disappointing really.

They have been treated pretty much the same as the bindweed tbh, which I would describe as thriving.

This is my day for feeding them, so I think I will withhold it for a week or two. My thinking was that if there are approximately nine in the pot (24" x  24") they would need some further boost of nutrients. The soil is a mixture of garden soil, my homemade compost and a little multi-purpose compost. On reflection, this might be too rich.

I also wondered that it might be something to do with the constant high temperatures all summer? We are in Hampshire and have sizzled for two months now, with very little rain. If some of you are also noticing less blooms, could this be a reason? With respect, David K, I said that they are in a pot. Over-watered they are not! One cannot withhold water if the leaves show signs of stress. My climbing nasturtiums have never been watered artificially, and have now collapsed. The small amount of remaining bindweed at the bottom of the garden however is thriving - that is, until I can get my hands on it! But I take your point about perhaps needing impoverished soil.

 If I can get them to bloom, they should be stunning since they form a column about ten feet high and then there are the bits that have gone up into the tree. Any more ideas are welcome.

Update on Morning Glory - came down this morning to find a whole lot of tiny little flower buds had formed. So, withdrawing the feed may have worked already. Thanks to all, particularly to you, David K. No offence taken, and you were right about over-feeding. I look forward to the blossoms soon.


Lily, I too am in Hampshire and although mine flowered (eventually) the pink stripe they should have, has faded! They just look like bindweed now.  I presumed it was the heat! I'm blaming it for everything which has not worked as I wanted it to.

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