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There are loads of people saying they've bought lots of plants cheaply at Morrisons. my nearest one is around 30minutes away and I was wondering whether it would be worth going for the plants and gardening stuff. Has anyone bought any plants from Morrisons recently? Do they have a good choice? Is it worth going? Sorry for the questions, but not sure whether to go or not
Ryan, only if you shop in Morrisons anyway. I wouldn't really go there for plants etc
They can be cheap but also usually root bound and not hardened off. You would need to loosen the roots and repot and then grow bit longer indoors.
I have bought occasional viola there.
Not worth a special 30 min will be disappointed

I have bought afew plants from Morrisons. I go there any way. If you want alot of clematis they are good as £2 each but they do need TLC before going in ground. Recently I bought 2 good healthy magnolias from them - a stellata and a soulangea - for £6 each  They also seem to be doing a range of slightly more mature plants in larger pots. This week there were alot of hebes. last week I bought  Pieris 'Forest Flame' and an established camellia - £5 each

You just have to hope they have what you want. This week they had some standard cistus tress but the labels had fallen off - blokey said leave it a couple of weeks and they will be selling them off. There was nothin else i really wanted. 

As the season moves forward they have more andmore selection.

Rhere were standard bay as well this week I think 2 for £30 but didn't look closely as wasn't interested

Thsnks Verdun and Rosa, I am going there now, only because it's around 10 minutes away from poundland and mum said she can do the weekends shopping in there Hope I find a bargain, wish me luck!

And David K, sorry missed you out your comment didn't show up til after I posted mine :/



I live next to morrisons and find the stuff ok. They have dahlia tubers for a pound, clematis for £2 but they are young plants. They have the odd astilbe etc but i find the stuff out of the likes of aldi,lidle poundstretcher etc to be the same if your wanting cheap plants.

Where ever you get your plants this time of year you must expect to grow them on in shelterd heated place. They are very tender be very cautious about putting outside yet. 

Green Magpie

I've had some good plants from Morrisons (e.g clematis, hollyhocks, a little amelanchier tree and bedding plants), all much cheaper than at Garden Centres. If you're after bedding plants, though, I'd wait until the weather warms up as it's much too cold to put them out now.

Gary Hobson

I read in the Horticultural press, only yesterday, that Morrissons, like Waitrose, are trying to make an entry into the horticultural market. So you can certainly expect more products to be availalbe from them this season.

I believe that Alan Titchmarsh will be fronting the Waitrose campaign.

And Tesco have some kind of arrangment with Crocus:



Morrisons are brilliant for large cheap terracotta pots.

Ryan you will find bulbs, tubers and seeds in poundland but look out too or tools, secateurs, garden twine, pots, netting etc. all cheap and good.
Of ourselves Ryan, good luck

Most of my garden comes from Morrisons as ive had to establish both a front and back garden on a very tight budget over the last few years. 

Successes include several Clematis (the more established £5 ones not the little cuttings), an Azalea which flowers like mad every year so far, several Virginia Creepers and a Choysia which was slow to establish but going great guns now!

Failures have been a Camellia which has never flowered and the cheaper Clematis plants (bought loads but only a few have done anything and most destroyed by slugs).

I buy most of my pots, garden products and am planning to get a mini greenhouse from there once weather warm up!





I have 3 Azalea and the one from Morrisons has romped away while the garden centre ones are sulking and I gave them lots of expensive ericacious soil. My Japanese maple is also from Morrisons. It can be hit or miss but April should be a good time.

I have  a willow, herb garden, canes and plenty of very cheap terracotta pots from morrisons.

all the plants have done well  and the pots are great. I think its worth a trip - its so much cheaper than a garden centre. even if you o have to give them TLC.

bought quite a few bulbs and roots in aldi this year. obv still waiting to see how they get on. no need to be a snob about plants


Ah yes, Sinevegas has reminded me. They have good deals on terracotta pots. I have large ones from a few years ago that were really good value. There are offers - a lot better than the feeble attempts that Sainsbury and Tesco do. Asda do seem to have upped their game this year gardening wise, but still their plants are terribly poor.



 I bought these Fuchsias & Petunias last Sat in Morrisons potted them up on Sun morning and they are doing great 6 of each £2 a tray great value for money.

Hi all I have brought a lot of plants from Morrison's and done well have lost a couple but at the cost was still a lot cheaper than garden centres brought plants from tesco and they have failed but they don't look after them, would not bother with them again

Bought Peonies x 3 ,said they would flower same year, that was 2 years ago , keep fingers crossed for this year.