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Hi there just wondering how many of us have muck boots

If I had any idea what muck boots are I might be able to answer

I had some once but they were treacherously slippy so I went back to good old fashioned wellies 

Paul Charnock

My boots always seem to attract plenty of muck of their own accord.


Gardengirl is the name of a long-time poster, so I would have thought it unlikely to be an advert ... but when I click on her name I get an error ... is something up I wonder? 


Dove not sure what has happened there - will have to see if tech team can sort it out


Hi guys,

Yes looks like two full stops were added to your display name Gardengirl (not sure why). I've removed them, so your account should now be back to how it was 


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Thanks Nora I can see my info now but the two full stops are part of my name Gardengirl..


Let's resolve over PM 

Clarington what ones do you have?

I started with a pair of the Chore Hi boots and when they wore out moved on to the Grit boot. Both were/are brilliant. Even on the coldest days they keep my toes warm. 


I bought Muck Boots at Chatsworth show to replace my huntress green wellies that leak. I find them a bit tight on the calves and hard to get off.



I have muck boots. I like them a lot. Not the cheapest but have lasted a few years so far. 


I have muckboots, but the shoe variety - wear them all summer when gardening.  Really comfy and I like the fact that the neoprene stops muck and stones getting in them.  Have had them years 

Fidgetbones that bit of a bummer

Hello Chicky The ones I have are the shoe ones,

just need new ones and they don't do the ones I have now

Muck boots not cheap but have the best padding in wellies I have had to help feet


Hi Gg...these are mine, Muck Boot Avon, had them years and they are still going strong, super comfy and the Neoprene makes them toasty warm, best wellies ever in my opinion.


plant pauper

How heavy are these wonderful boots? My wellies give me problems with my achilles tendon if I wear them for any length of time but neither do I want back strain from trailing big heavy boots about after me.