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David I,m impressed! Love them,have seen them far too many times to be sensible!


Band most seen by me, The Clash, 7 times. Yes really, dont know if that is sad or just love.

Orchid Lady

LOL David, did you do that on purpose 

Well I've got a £25 iTunes voucher for my birthday.........decisions decisions 

Orchid Lady

Why un-birthday, you've lost me there (not hard to do really!!)

Have you seen the thread with the Daily Snail article on?  What do you think of planting banana skin with my sweet pea seedlings ????

Off to download Sophie Ellis-Bexter album 

Today was Tango day, work done sitting drinking tea in the conservatory Daughter looking among, my selection of LP's found a Tango record. Blue Tango, jealousy, La Paloma and more, Granddaughter four showed us how it should be done. Nearly an hour of fun and laughter, now that is what music means to me.



star gaze lily

Work tomorrow for me....groan.

Just heard Shania Twain.....That don't impress me 

Just went back into kitchen to hear my 1 of my 2 fave songs ever 'touch too much' acdc, how I danced! Much to little ones amusement!

Orchid Lady

I played Song Sung Blue (Neil Diamond) in the kitchen very loud earlier.....after all I know the neighbours like Neil Diamond now don't I 

Orchid Lady

Oh yes....childish schoolgirl singing too Lily and the odd comment of 'at least we know everyone likes Neil Diamond' - I had my naughty head on!!!  

all my neighbours were out, unsure they all like acdc!

Orchid Lady

I think you missed my posts on the Forkers thread a week or so ago Louise, my neighbours woke me up at 3am playing Neil Diamond FULL BLAST! I am a huge ND. Fan but was far less than amused 

ah! sorry yes i missed that,in a few weeks they do 'music in the gardens' in botanical gardens which is just across road from us, that goes on til 11pm and we hear every word of every terrible band, i suppiose we hear it free... now if only tom petty would come!

Orchid Lady

I don't mind music until 11 ish, we have been known to have a sing along to the likes of Barry Manilow after a few glasses of the old grape juice with friends......just not at 3am LOL!


What memories have been brought back to me reading through this thread.  Songs and artists I'd forgotten.  Only time I've played music in the garden was when I first dug the whole thing up with the spade my only gardening tool at the time.  A nightmare of 4 days but with headphones on needed inspirational get up and get going stuff.  For ironing as well I always start with Murray Head's 'Say It Aint So Joe' and from influence of son and gift from him Nirvana Unplugged fuels determination. We are mad on music in our house with a wide range of stuff but I'm mellowing into memories of yore more often these days.  Love Mozart, Andrea Bocelli, have a few Lanza (from watching films when young).  Surprising favourite song when cooking comes from the film 'Country Strong' with Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw singing 'Me And Tennessee'.  Soft spot for Tom Waits, early Springsteen, Otis, Neil and Joni, Richard Thompson (we love guitar), Eva Cassidy for quiet times, mad about the old musicals - favourite Doris Day singing 'Love Me or Leave Me' from film of same name and loved Reese Witherspoon and Joaquim Phoenix's version of 'Jackson' from the film 'Walk The Line'.  Odd ones I listen to 'Hymn to Red October' from said film.  And someone mentioned the brilliant Callas 'La Mamma Morta' from Philadelphia.  Also for a laugh ironing love Ewan McGregor singing 'Your Song' from Moulin Rouge.  We have a lot of du Pre.  Liverpool fans singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone' always brings a tear to my eye.  Paulo Nutini's 'Alloway Grove' is a favourite and I fell for the Only Boys Aloud Christmas album - Paradise and Don't Stop Believin get the dishes washed faster!  Could go on all day on music.  Lovely to read this thread. The Clash oh yeah.  Better stop - could go on all day.


Orchid Lady

What a lovely post Yarrow and glad you have enjoyed reading the thread.  I must admit, since starting it I very rarely listen to music in the garden now, unless next door's boy has friends round and they are screaming and playing shooting each other (I hate guns and violence LOL). We do have music on almost all the time in the house though, either on the radio or just albums/playlists and our house sounds very similar to yours with a varied range of music. My boys (15 and 13) play the guitar and drums respectively and they have grown up liking my and OH's music but now also introduce us to new artists they like. 

I heard Me and Tennessee the other day on the radio and I don't think I have ever heard it before, if I remember rightly it's the one that has a bit of a Lady Antebellum sound about it, great song  Eva Cassidy I love but don't listen to very often as it reminds me of my Nan who was a big fan and makes me cry.....such a waste of a young life too with Eva.

I think my favourite Paulo song is  New Shoes and I'm gutted he is at Carfest south but not North (which is the one we are going to).

Anyway, that's all for now.....I haven't yet decided on today's song but no doubt will soon, it has to be something summery today  Ooohhhh I know, Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine