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art - you'll have to fight Dove and me for him!  

I just love him. He seems so genuine and delightful in every way as well as being one of  the true greats of all time. Have you heard the soprano Sonya Yoncheva who won his Operalia competition a few years ago? I think she's remarkable. Not made any recordings as yet but I hope she does. 

I don't care if people hear me sing. There is no greater feeling than to sing along with something you love - even if you can't hit all the notes perfectly!

That sort of reminds me of the Morecambe and Wise show with Andrew Preview. 

I also love the great MGM musicals with those wonderful songs. You can't help but smile at Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont when she does Singin in the Rain at the end with Debbie Reynolds behind the curtain. It's the arm movements. If you know the film - you'll know what I mean 

Orchid Lady

I was watching Oklahoma last week whilst 'working' from home!!!  I LOVE musicals too


FairyG, I was brought up on Hollywood musicals; South Pacific (I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair) which has the most incredible anti-racism song - 'You've got to be taught, before it's too late, to hate all the people your relatives've got to be carefully taught...' My Fair Lady, Oklahoma which has that wonderful song, 'Poor Jud is dead, poor Jud is dead...his fingernails have never been so clean (been so clean)...

I recently just saw the end of Singing in the Rain and the brassy blond  with Debbie Reynolds behind the curtain, sadly I didn't notice the arm movements, I'm not crazy about Gene Kelly so don't make a point of watching this film; I'm more of a Fred Astaire fan; he was so elegant, in fact I like to think that Verdun is a bit like Fred Astaire

Orchid Lady

Artjak, that made me smile and dare I ask who is Ginger Rogers??


Now art - that's fighting talk telling me you're not a fan of Mr Kelly! 

I love The Bandwagon with Fred - I was always envious of Cyd Charisse in that red dress!

Another favourite for me to sing along with is the original Broadway soundtrack from Mack and Mabel by Jerry Herman (he wrote Hello Dolly). Torvill and Dean used it for one of their earlier routines and I've loved it ever since.  



Don't listen to music in the garden, but do in the car, or on a train.  Love Mozart, but not ever really understood opera.  Have to put in a vote for greatest album of ALL time though - Rumours.  Before my time, but caught it on the second time around.  Never get tired of it 

Mike, that's impressive singing in those choirs.

I have sung the bath, the shower and in the car.  I too love bridge over troubled water, cecilia, etc.  

Orchid Lady

Mike  I think you have misunderstood, I am not a singer, I just love music - almost all music and I sing along.......badly!!  My son once had a friend who didn't know any music/musicians/bands/composers - nothing.  His parents never listened to music, never had the radio on, how very sad to have a life without music  He used to like coming to our house because there was always music playing!!

Southwark cathedral, I love that area of London, I think I've said before I love Borough Market 

As for secrets Mike, I have no secrets, I am who I am and I'm open and honest  I love reading your posts and your stories, you obviously miss your wife very much ((Hugs)) 

Rumours Chicky, absolute classic.  Fleetwood Mac is one of the best concerts I have ever been to, absolutely amazing and Landslide is one of my favourite ever songs  I also love Tango in the Night album.


Glad you started this thread, Tracey 

Well, I'm sorry folks, but whilst my taste in music is large and varied, i'm a bit of a philistine compared to the rest of you! I don't much like opera, I'm afraid, but I do like Mozart, some Beethoven and other classical music, but I tend not to know the composer or the name of many that I like. My fav musical is Jesus Christ Superstar (we did it at school). My tastes range from Elvis ballads to Meat Loaf (Bat out of Hell). Queen are a favourite, as reminds me of Mum, and my boys can recognise most of thier tracks from the first few bars. I'm glad we mostly agree on BOTW, though. Great album and timeless.

I play my music in garden and greenhouse, and when working on dogs in my garage. Indoors, some songs get played very loudly and danced and sung to very badly! My close neighbour is thankfully quite deaf! I have some kind of music playing device in every room of the house, even just outside the bathroom door.

I do, however, love to listen to the birds on quiet week days, music in the garden is mostly at w/e when everyone has lawn mowers, hedge trimmers etc going.

Emelie Sande is flavour of the month at the moment, a lovely voice.

I don't stoop so low as One direction though!

How about all naming a favourite song, group or album for the rest of us to re-remember or to discover?

I'll say, just out of the blue, George Michael, Ladies and Gentlemen, for an album. I know there is loads of music out there that I have liked and forgotten, and would love ideas for new listening experiences.

So, what are you all going to remind us of?


here's something that will give chills down your spine. An amazing voice.

Orchid Lady

My 2 current favourite albums are James Blunt's latest (Satellites I think) and a lady called Emma Stevens who is a new artist from London and very good, I think possibly unsigned but she has released her first album called Dreaming Trees, she is brilliant.

Thanks for the compliment GJ, I thought it would just be a bit of fun and is still garden related  What dogs do you have?


 Oh dear, I know he's local to us but we're not James B fans here I'm afraid .... I do have a very soft spot for Keane as I used to dandle one of them on my knee not so very long ago (well it doesn't seem like very long ago )

Trying to think of which piece of music I want to remind you all of - there are so many that mean a lot - music's always been a huge part of my life.  I've sung in choirs and worked in music venues and son used to be a sound engineer/roadie.

I shall continue to ponder ............... 

Closet One D fan here .... Off to wembley in June - littlest chicklet needs accompanying ..... What can i do ???

I like listen to the birds and the kids playing football on the park. I don't like listening to the church bells, they are too repetitive and get on my nerves.

star gaze lily


Love Tango in the night album, especially -- Everywhere and Little Lies. Simply Red --Stars, Ronan Keating- When you say nothing at all. Any Michael Jackson. Love Bridge over troubled water . Thats Amoure - Dean Martin. Toploader- Dancing in the moonlight. Bruno Marrs -When I was your man.

Must dash now, but theres loads going round in my head

Dare I admit to Michael Bolton 


Orchid Lady

Ah yes, Dean Martin Lily, love him and Matt Monroe too.  There is so much music to choose from, combined with sunshine and flowers it makes the world a happier place  My favourite on TITN is Seven Wonders.

star gaze lily

Tracey just thought of  Phil Colins--Something in the air tonight & Take a look at me now. Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the dark,  Ultravox --Vienna,  John Lennon Woman, Eric Clapton.

And a song that makes me cry Dance with my father again. Oh there's loads Tracey I love I could go on for ages, great thread


Ooh Billy Joel Uptown Girl, Amy Winehouse -Valerie


Ooh which one Dove?  Their first album was tremendous. Big favourite in this house.

I wouldn't have admitted to that chicky 

Bowie 'Hunky Dory' - and he's still a class act.

Regina Spektor. Stunning. My eldest daughter sang her song 'Samson' in a competition at school several years ago accompanied by a friend on piano. Reduced me to floods. A friend said afterwards 'I didn't know she had such a lovely voice'.  

I said  'Neither did I'... 

She doesn't sound so good in her bedroom...

the tidy gardener

I always listen to radio 4 on a very old radio that I drag around the garden with me I don't listen to music on the garden, somehow it doesn't seem right!! does that make me odd?!!

if I did have to listen to anybody it would have to be bowie tho