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Didn't spot that Archie. Too busy thinking you had nicked my dining room chairs.

Not the plastic ones !!!


they went with the table  on ebay a while back  the pine not the placcy  ones 


Trying to keep this wonderful thread open; how about song of the day. Today mine is kissed by a rose, by Seal, the theme from one of the batman movies. The garden reference is purely coincidental.

Orchid Lady
I'm in the Mood for Dancing by The Nolan's, just because I want to be happy and jolly and that is guaranteed to put a smile in my face, and we are halfway through the week

Love that song Punk and thanks of suggesting the song if the day

Song of the day for me today - A good year for the roses - the wonderful Elvis Costello 

That'll remind us all it's time to give them a feed and give them the best chance to achieve a good year 


Orchid Lady
It will remind me I have 4 outside waiting to be planted Dove and also to go and buy food.....thank you

I might change my song for the day if we are going for a rose theme....'Every Rose Has It's Thorn' by Poison (I'm a bit of a soft rock chick at heart!)

I feel I should apologise as my taste in music is soooo different, but what the hell; it's OPERA and I LIKE IT. Just got back from seeing Don Giovanni, from the Royal Opera House transmitted to my wonderful local cinema; The Lux in Wisbech. Divine singing, brilliant acting and a bloody good story, actually a bit scary at the end.

But I do love dancing to the Detroit sound, much to the bewilderment of small mutt.

star gaze lily

I heard today for for the first time in ages, and its one of my favs--- I can be your hero by Enrique Iglesias (spelling!) And also Marty Pello Angel eyes 


Orchid Lady

Ooh Lily, Angel Eyes, another of my faves, I've seen Wet Wet Wet 3 times in concert, they were fantastic and I used to have a life size poster of Marti on my wall next to my bed 

Artjak, you seem quite nice so I'll forgive you liking opera  Although, having said that I would actually love to see an opera as I never have, I think the music would be very different I the context of the actual performance rather than just trying to listen/understand it on it's own.

star gaze lily

Hi, just got back.

Tracey, as a surprise OH took me to to see Wet Wet Wet, just before xmas. Wonderful evening.

Orchid Lady

I was wondering whether to go with my sister but as they had been away for quite a few years I decided against it, I didn't want to be disappointed after 3 fantastic concerts.  I now regret that as a few people have said how good they were 


star gaze lily

They were brilliant Tracey, just as good as they always were. I had a fantastic evening,  I didn't have a clue where we were going that eve, meal first and then the concert, great surprise,  (he earnt a few brownie pionts!) Blue were the support act, they were good too.


Orchid Lady

Ok ok, don't rub it in  Glad you had a fab night.  Does Marti still have that special smile with the sparkly eyes?? 

star gaze lily

Oh sorry Tracey, didn't mean anything. But oh yes, that smile........those eyes..... I'm starting to drool lol ........well I wouldn't kick him out lol 

Orchid Lady

LILY!!!!  I'm shocked (but neither would I 


star gaze lily

Sweet Caroline....good times never seemed so good



OMG, so much good music being mentioned here and so many memories. It's amazing how much you forget (I do, anyway) but music brings it back. Asked mt favourite, I could not say. so many. But now loads that I had forgotten. Radio 2 is great for that, especially the non-stop oldies. Tracey, an inspired thread. I'm going to answer back a bit at a time, and will bore you all whilst I work backwards

Sweet Caroline, Lily. Was ruined for me by my karaoke neighbour at 3 am most mornings when I was pregnant. Now hate Neil Diamond, as I only hear 'Jimmy'

Tracey and Lily, one of my clients went to wet wet wet. So jealous. She never shut up about it on FB! Here OH bought for her too. Not one of my favs, but would have liked to see. Lily, what if he trumped?

Artjak, someone has to. just joking, I was born in Wigan, and someone has to be!! Each to their own, and I find that if you listen to something enough, you begin to like it. (see my post above re leo sayer and Johnny Mathis!) I also posted a link to a 9 yr old girl singing (i think) opera. She could change my mind.

Can't kep naming names, I'll be here all night, AGAIN! Elvis Costello, good one, Dove. The Nolans! reminds me of the very first time I drank alcohol. At a party when I was 13, in a gorgeous crocheted dress that my Nanna made in hot pink and turquiose, with leg warmers to match and satin leggings. I was the bees knees but hot a hell! Wore it for yrs as a long sweater till I got my own place and boilwashed it by mistake! Gutted There was also Blondie and Madness at that party!

Punkdoc- Seal. Love it. And what a lovely bloke when I saw him interviewed. That has to be somewhere in my top 20. I agree, we should have a song of the day. That would help us to remember old favourites. What do you think, Tracey, it's your thread. 

Right, back to the last page! Back in a minute!


Archie, I'm jealous. maybe I can get my friend to sing for me some time. She's with a group called 'Peat Loaf'.

Dove and Doc, can I officially join the p***ts?!

Lily, Buble too? You're a real softy in the middle, aren't you? I'm admitting to nothing!

Doc and Tracey, Clash, squeeze? and the sex pistols is about all I remember of punk. Was more heavy metal myself. aerosmith, Ac/Dc, Rush (2112 was Ace).

Lily, love Elton. once played 'sorry' to my sister after a row. didn't work, we still don't get on nearly 30 yrs later, She's still a bitch with a smart mouth and no friends!


Oh. and Lily, up to the point where my younger brother discovered 'mixing' and stole all the vinyl, scratched it to hell and wrecked the needles on everyone's little record players. Could kill him. Still. Some of those records would be worth a fortune now, and a lot of memories destroyed. Must ask Dad if he still has any left. I know most got thrown out. I nearly threw Peter out of the window when I found he had ruined 'Off the Wall' and 'Thriller'. Not so upset when he buggered up 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' By Tight Fit. How embarrassed am I that that was the first single I ever bought with my pocket money. Think it was 99p. I've had great fun showing the TOTP video to them though, and embarrassing them with Mum's terrible taste in Music

Vinyl had it's own tiny scratches or blips, that still stick in my mind and that my boys will never now hear or appreciate. I can still hear the little stick in the Beatles 'Baby in Black' or the stutter on Cececelia!  And on others that I hear on the radio.I still, after all these yrs, remember the scratches.