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Oooooh yes please Punkdoc - I'll share your music and the weather too 

It's a bit overcast here 

hollie hock

Don't listen to any music in the garden, but inside I love it! My favourite albums at the moment are Florence and The Machine "Lungs" and the new Artic Monkeys album AM. All killer and no filler as Liz Kershaw would say




Orchid Lady

A new one for today.....Happy by Farrell Williams (I think!), just because it's sunny and I am 


So sunny here, thinking of other suitable songs. Radioheads, No alarms and no suprises contains the lines; such a lovely house and such a lovely garden; wishful thinking on my part, perhaps.

hh. love the Artic Monkeys, maybe cos. I live in Sheffield.

Orchid Lady

I love Artic Monkeys too and The Stone Roses, but unfortunately at the moment am fed up of hearing both as my 2 boys play one or the other all the time!!  My youngest (the drummer) has just started a band and they are doing AM, Stone Roses, Oasis etc. and thinking of calling themselves Tropical Gorillas

I'm in a Carly Simon type of a mood today.

Also, no-one has mentioned country music yet, any other Kasey Musgrave or Lady Antebellum fans out there?



Tracey, you are lucky your kids have good taste musically. It is all down to the parents I am told.

hollie hock

Wasn't too keen on the artics earlier stuff but their new album is great! It's been on repeat a few times. Yes sounds like your children have good taste Tracey, I like The Stone Roses and Oasis. I like a little of Ian Browns solo stuff, he did some great tracks with UNKLE.

Reverend and the Makers are another great band from up North!  Don't mind a little Carly Simon, Your so vain is a great track, not a country fan but with the one exception of Jolene sung by Dolly Parton

Orchid Lady

I agree, it helps when the parents have such good taste in music   I can't remember if I posted it on here but my eldest son used to have a friend who loved coming round to hear music (I always have music on - all sorts).  His parents NEVER listened to music and he didn't know who any artists were, I found that really sad - a world without music is a very sad place. 

What about Music Was My First Love by John Miles   LOVE Dolly Parton Hollie and gutted I couldn't go to Glastonbury!!

hollie hock

I know what you mean Tracey, I've come across a few people who have said that they don't like music!! Find that very odd, when I was growing up I was always listening to my parents music, most of it I didn't like but some gems have stuck with me, Kate Bush- The kick inside, Carole King Tapestry, a lot of the Beatles stuff, the stones, Dylan

I've not been to Glastonbury and probably unlikely to do that now as it all looks a bit too big and busy for me, should have gone years ago when you could climb over the fence etc. I do have a look at it when it's on tv though

star gaze lily

Hi Hollie good to see you. Hope you're  well, and enjoying you're new home/garden.

Carly Simon.......You've got a friend 


I was lucky to be able to go to Glastonbury in the 80s when it was a bit smaller, but I would love to go again. I tried to apply for tickets this year but was too late.

Not sure my body would be up for the camping now, would love to stay in one of the yurts, but slightly outside my price range.

i can't understand anyone not liking any music...not exactly country but souhern rock newish band buffalo smoke are fab esp if you like black crowes i really do!had 'remedy' on today while planting a couple of pots up (yes my mum and dad came round for babysitting while i indulge myself in the garden for an hour!)

Orchid Lady
Me neither Louise, like Hollie I grew up with my mum's music, but it was more 50's/60's stuff like The Everly Brothers, Paul Anka, Herman's hermits etc and of course Abba, I LOVE Abba

All this great music! I nearly posted my song for the day on Sat, but was busy cleaning the conservatory for more plant space. Pop Pickers was on, and some great music. I just had to turn it up for 'These boots are Made for Walking' Nancy Sinatra. Been singing it all day today, as I finally got my new boots on to go in the garden

Orchid Lady

I went on a bike ride along the prom and for some reason couldn't get 'Happy Talk' out of my head 


Dire straits, fleetwood mac, etc but a,whole mixture on my memory the car.  Like John Denver too esp Calypso.  

Carly Simon's "you're so vain" is supposed to be about me according to those who like to tease.  Just because I had a habit (apocryphal) of looking at myself,in shop windows years back.     (mind you, I did run into the back of a lorry once when I may.....may....have been looking at a shop window as a drive my Healy sprite  with hood down. ) 

Music in the garden though is different.  Always see something to do once out there 


Bird Song is enough for me. I listen to so much music whilst not gardening that it seems nicer without it

star gaze lily

Sorry got muddled up, Carole've got a friend

And of course Verdun, Carly Simon..You're so vain.     

Otis Reading....sitting on the dock of the bay

Isley Brothers ....Behind a painted smile

Smokey Robinson.....Tears of a clown

ooh yes dire straits, was dancing with little ones to that other day..btw i meant blackberry smoke!


Joe Cocker "Help from my friends" First line really suits me.