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Such sad news from flumpy  and Joyce.  Yes gardening can be very therapeutic and memories of friends and family can be retrieved easily if plants and wildlife are involved..  Every time I see a gooseberry i remember pricking myself as I picked my dad's crop for my mother to make jam with.  Brings back memories of them both.

My sincerest condolences to both Flumpy & Joyce 

I also have found gardening to be beneficial when you are not your best 

Spent all day doing various jobs in garden today 🌲


Thankyou so much Marion and GWRS, I was named flumpy by my friend who's passed away as we watched the children's programme The Flumps as youngsters it brings back happy memories and the name will live on in these forums.

lovely pictures by the way.

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Hi Marion, me & my hubby have gone Scarborough until Wednesday, this is the view from our window 



if you twist your neck a bit you can see the castle on top of the hill 


Enjoy your break Flumpy.

We camped outside Scarborough donkey's years ago and I remember spending time watching radio controlled boats in one of the parks. 


I saw those boats when i visited Scarborough when I worked in Hull!  Early 1950's!


Late 1960s for me Marion.


Hope you have a good break, Flumpy.  So sorry to hear about your friend.  xx

Flumpy have a nice break , weather looks good 

We are going to the Steven Joseph Theatre in Scarborough next month ,it is unusual in that the stage is in the middle , with the local Theatre Club , to see an Alan Ayckbourn play 

Lovely day in Lincoln 

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