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Sorry. How do  i get in without yahoo??

I couldn't get in either


ditto,can you not upload direct to the forum.



this is slow going. photos are from mar/apr





Thank you for re-sending your photos. The lawn looks lovely, green and healthy. As the photos were taken in the spring, were the pots and contents of the mini green house new plants waiting for you to make some beds? I would put some large pots around a patio area and dig some beds for the rest of the plants - so much easier for  watering and feeding. Dig in some manure and compost if the soil is poor or clay. You could have climbers, like clematis, growing up the fence - I see you have put up a trellis. It would be nice to see what you did with your garden later in the year.


Well done. My first greenhouse, that got me hooked. was the same as yours. I now have a bigger glass one but still keep the little one for plants that require just a little tlc.

It would be good of you could put in some flower beds, but if you are renting I know it is difficult. Those fences could do with covering. If you have to use pots there are clematis that will grow in them and disguise some of the fence.

Flower beds would be so much easier to maintain and would be easy to design as all you would have to do is arrange the pots on the soil first.but I thnk your plants look really good

Well done and thank you for sharing

Nice one, what a diference the plants make, and a very nice looking lawn too.

BusyLizzie, thanks, we do have horrid clay with all the new build rubble about 6 inches down. I've debated back and forth about raised beds, but admit getting alittle adicte to buying bargin pots

break23 thank you, very kind.

Tinkerfluffypaws, i know you're right and Norm2 the lawn does look ok in these, but truth is the rain has turned it into a swamp and the garden wall and neighbours house deprived it of sun so come March i'm having a patio and gravel laid. no one on our estate has a lawn!!

i'll put some later ones on

i was so pleased the lupins flowered, first year too


Really well done. Thank you for showing us the pics. The garden looks as if it is an interesting shape and has lots of possibilities. Next to the gate at the far end, you could consider some mirror slightly angled to reflect greenery to give the impression of a long green corridor going to infinity.


artjak - thats briliant. i'd not thought of that, was going to try and put a mirror on the other side as its always in the shade - but yor idea sounds cool.

i painted the fences a stone colour, i thought all the wood ones were a bit orangey. i think its worked well, makes the garden look bigger and makes the plants stand out


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