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Various Rebutias:

Lobivia jajoana.

Home grown tulips 


Rebutias     WOW Alan!!!!

Hazel --

Can I just ask if everyone else's photos are massive on this screens please? The pics on iPad are filling whole screen.

Other than that, I am finding little things to do on my iPad to quieten things down for me- phew!

A nice green background would help soothe the eyes though. But....getting there,!


 Today's gatherings 

Little flower on my spider babies

Aym, that's my princess Diana hiding behind the purple violas, still small but I'm happy with it. I like pansys but as you can see i LOVE violas. Pack them in and they look lush. Just a bit of a pest to dead head 

I got my Princess Diana about a month ago from my local GC. 2 litre pot £3.50. It's still very small but getting there. Kate's grown enough to be tied onto the trellis and gooseberry bush, George is taking over the world . Spent the day running around chasing my tail again but i can now use my dining table again  because stuffs moved outside. Hurrah 

George flowered last year and its white with the faintest tinge of blue. It has a couple of tiny buds and a lot of growth, will of course post pics 


Geum rivale in micro pond.


Self sown forget me nots amongst geraniums.


I love the for get me nots darren :)

They look so dainty but striking at the same time :)

Dordogne Damsel

Lovely. I was very disappointed recently when I realised my multitude of Forget me Nots were actually the 'wild ' ones, not nearly as pretty. 

I am however, very proud of my Iris, 2 years ago when we moved here the removal van crushed them in their prime and I had given up hope of seeing them again. 


The colour on those iris is definitely worth the wait.