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Well I have just started a project with the grandfather, to clean up the garden in our new house. The previous owner had slabbing everywhere. Going for the low maintenance garden, which was more of the no maintenance garden, over grown with weeds.

Here is a few photos of our progress so far. Any comments and advice welcome.

 The small sleepers and strip of bark was put in place to cover a 1 foot wide sill which edges the pavement. The supports for the fence also has two big dollops of concrete on top of it. The concrete dollops where stopping it draining properly, and we were getting puddles at the front. So this seemed an easy solution to hide it and improve the drainage.

I still have a fair bit more work to go. There is also a wheel barrow planter to go in that big gap. I plan on planting nasturtiums in and around it to drape over the small sleepers.

I have never gardened before so I am a total novice. But I am having loads of fun so far.






Looking good  What have you planted Gerard?


Great job, Panda, you should be proud of your efforts.   


I would love to take the credit Lorraine, but Gerard and his grandfather did all the hard work  


Well done Gerard, looks great


Gerard............what a transformation...........Gold Star I think


what a difference. Well done you guys.


From the left hand side to the right. I have fatsias, cordylines, Hebb, Hellebores, Aqualegia, Rodedendrones, lavender, ivy, bleeding hearts and a couple more there I cant remember the name for. (sorry about the spelling )

I've tried to plant as much as I can to give it some structure through the year, however I know the bleeding hearts, aqualegia and hellebores will die away and come back. I will plant a few kiwi hostas in the shady corner with the fatsias.

I am also planning on painting the fence black once we get some good weather.


It is going to look great Show us some pics as the plants develop?


I have to post here purely because your name is the same as an Uncle of mine

Border looks great too

star gaze lily

Looks great, you have worked hard. How big will the rhodie get gerard.

flowering rose

that is very good , hope others will copy your good work,

star gaze lily wrote (see)

Looks great, you have worked hard. How big will the rhodie get gerard.

Big I think, not sure really, the fatsias can also get quite big, so will have to keep a grip on them. They are in the corners, so I dont mind if they grow a bit in there. I love hostas, so will be planting a few of them around them.

I have a few potted in the back garden, which has just started to crown, so will be watching them shoot up with excitement.


Mattbeer87 wrote (see)

I have to post here purely because your name is the same as an Uncle of mine

Border looks great too

Maybe some distant relation who knows.


That looks even more difficult than my borders.  How are you going to get at it once everything grows?  You're definitely right about the fence, black is the way to go

star gaze lily

Look forward to more pics gerard, when plants are in bloom. It will look great 

Here is a few updated pictures on my garden project, all I have left to do now is paint that dreaded red fence, which has been on hold due to the poor weather we have had lately.



Coming along nicely Gerard and filling out.  So rewarding.