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HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to my new thread.  Having been saddened by the plight of our pollinating insects and being fond of growing my own fruit and vegetables I have resolved to do my utmost to encourage as many as possible into my garden.  As I get great pleasure from my sense of smell and touch still, despite, at 87, fading eyesight, hearing and taste, I shall concentrate on scent and touch in my planting this year. 

The year has started with a change in the weather.  Only 3degrees this morning at 7o'clock so my greenhouse heater had switched itself on.  Forecast is for rain later and only 8 degrees which is quite a contrast from the 14 we have been having.

I was greeted by the lovely perfume from my Xmas hyacinths sitting in the kitchen by the bowl of bought fruit I indulge in from the shops only once a year.  The Charles Ross apples up my garden are not as pretty as these "Pink Lady" but taste better!  

Two of these very large hyacinth bulbs are showing their second spike.



hollie hock

Happy new year Marion. Don't often post on your thread but I've enjoyed looking and reading all about your garden.

I grow for the pollinaters too. You are an inspiration, looking forward to what our growing year has in store for us

flowers in the rain

Good morning Marion, Happy New Year!

I have been waiting with much excitement to the start of your new thread, like Snow I am really looking forward to hearing about and seeing your lovely photos on your  Perfumed Garden...... and as always learning alot from all your wealth of knowledge.

Thank you!x


Happy new year Marion looking forward to your new thread ????????????


Happy New Year Marion


Happy new year Marion......great thread in prospect, looking forward to it 


Happy new year Marion - I agree, I'm not impressed by Pink Lady apples

Really looking forward to this thread - I love scented flowers

Happy new Year 

Happy New Year Marion : ), I like your title : ), really looking forward to another enjoyable year with you, there's not one day I don't look at your thread Evan if it's just reading it on my dinner hour. Looking forward to seeing your perfumed corner : ).
I like your owl Marion : )

First question of the year, is it to early Marion to start growing my sweet pea seeds indoor?? : )

Just the right time for sowing your sweet peas, flumpy.  Any earlier this year and they would be very lanky plants as it has been so mild.  Turkey and roast potatoes in oven, just sprouts and broccoli to do now and gravy to make. as I have already done mashed carrots and potatoes to go in microwave.  Table to set before my six visitors arrive and get into my glad rags.  Wine in fridge and dessert all ready.

Sarcoccoca, lon winter beauty, hamameliis mollis Pallida, stocks and a couple of wallflowers providing scent right now. Too wet and windy to appreciate them though 

Happy New Year Marion- I shall look forward to your thread, and hopefully I can get some tips from you on what I should be growing!! 

Thanks Marion, I will soak my seeds now, I remember watching them grow last year and looking forward to spring, can't wait : )

Marion Your dinner sounds delicious mmmmm, I'll be there in five minutes ha ha I wish : ), you have a lovely day Marion and enjoy your visitors : )

Happy New Year Marion, I too read your posts often. This coming year sounds as if it's going to be another great one to follow your thread. What a shame there is no smelly-vision option on the internet ! 

Pat E

Well done Mation. Your new thread will be a good one to watch.


Victoria Sponge

Happy New Year Marion

What a nice idea for a thread. I also garden for pollinators (and other bugs) and I look forward to gleaning some tips and seeing how you get on


Happy New Year Marion.  Look forward to following your adventures on this thread


Happy New Year Marion - thank you for such inspiring threads.  


Happy New Year Marion. I have enjoyed your threads and your lovely photos. Glad you are starting a new one.

But I love Pink Lady Apples, one of my favourites!