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Afternoon all from Norfolk,weve had a dull hot day and now the sea fog has emptied the washing line and covered the garden but looks stunning, right im putting pics of a large plant weve inherited when we moved ,the problem is theirs 2 plants on the same old cut down tree both trying to grow,so thats ok except between the joints of the leaves where they meet the main plant is infested with snails and everything not wanted, now question, what is the plant/tree called and can i clean it up by cutting the damaged leaves upwards to the new clean grown in the center and start again or do i have to wait till fall. lovely plant but looking sad due to no TLC. do i go for it or wait   many thanks Alan4711 erein Munsly   


Alan - are you going to show us a picture?


Sorry just testing u (not)


Pretty sure that's Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge' Alan, although it doesn't usually get to tree size, so may not be that cultivar.

With yuccas, you normally remove the lower leaves when they start dying or look a bit ratty.  It must have been a giant with a thick trunk like that!  It may have been killed by a hard frost and so cut down - they then sucker or sprout side shoots like that.  



Nice one Bob, a short back and sides is in the air then ,first thing in the morning i lifted a couple of very strong thick leaves and found masses of snails and stuff , a bit of a clean up then cheers and many thanks all ,the mist is receding and were getting brighter Cheers all.


I think that's going to look very handsome when it's had a tidy up 


WE can have a before and after pic 

Hello Alan,

Your Yucca is a varigated form of the species Yucca gloriosa. This form is usually distributed with the name Yucca gloriosa forma variegata. I mild parts of Europe it can grow to a small "tree", but usually it's up to about 1 meter tall.

It's a very nice Yucca, which usually bloom in the very late summer or early fall, your plant looks as if' it's soon blooming size.

When the plant has bloomed, and the flower stalk is dry, you can cut it of just above the leaves, a new rosette or several new rosettes of leaves will grow from the the center of the rosette which bloomed, and there might grow a few pups from the rhizomes in the soil.

If you are gardening in an area with high humidity, I would advice you to cut of the old leaves as they turn brown. And also during the fall, remove any leafs which is blown into the plant as soon as possible.

Happy Yucca growing



Hi Yuccaman007 unfortunately the plant was not really too well ,when i looked the old leaves were full of snails and stuff,after a good clean up i noticed one of the plants was rotting so i removed it ,cleaned it up and planted it ,its now in the greenhouse hopefully recovering, the other part is still on the main stem which now i find is rotting also,so do i cut it of and replant in a pot as before do you think,the original yucca is now loose and i will pull it up soon do you think, when i replanted the other i cleaned it up like i would a pineapple was  this correct,



 before and after the removal  and the rotting yuccas stem


Yes, old leaves and debris in between the leaves in a Yucca, will in a humid area often result in a rotten stem. The way to rescue the remaining part of the plant, is just as you have done, removing of the dirt and sick part of the plant.

Assuming, that this Yucca has been growing at this locations for some year, then there will be lots of thick rhizomes below the surface, so if the plant should die above the soil level, there will pop up new rosettes from the rhizomes. I can see one small one popping up already, you can just leave it to grow or decide to cut it of in April next year, and you will have yet another extra plant.

What are the climate conditions in your area? I am not very familiar with the Weather conditions in UK, while I am Danish.




Hi Benny,here in Norfolk were only 100 mtr from the sea so we do get lots of damp air although the air here is very clean, the trees often get moss growing in them ,this area ,s soil is also very sandy and has excellent  drainage, the Yucca  we think was quite old and as you can see it had damage on it when we bought the house about 10 months ago, the remaining one is now very lose and the main trunk is also soon to just blow over as we get strong north and east winds from the sea,so when it does i,ll pot it up. I didn't know about the rosettes and rhizomes so that's very helpful and yes the new one you see is only 2 weeks old it just appeared one morning a nice surprise, and many thanks for all your help cheers and good luck Benny

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