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My 15 year old daughter goes into hospital tomorrow for the removal of a nasal polyp.It will involve a GA and likely overnight stay. I have to admit I'm worried but its stupid I know,its not brain surgery.But then any OP has the potential to cause worry,especially when our children are involved.Roll on Friday...
Best wishes to you and your daughter, totally normal to be worried x
Orchid Lady

Best wishes to your daughter Fishy and to yourself and Mrs Fishy.  It's totally normal to be worried, I remember my youngest having his tonsils out, that's a 'something and nothing' op, more so than your daughter'a and he didn't even have to stay in. I still cried when he went to theatre!!!  I felt a right muppet  Before you know it she will be home again ((hugs)) for all the Fishes 

star gaze lily

Best wishes to your daughter fishy, hope all goes well, hugs.

Can remember when my son had his tonsils out too, bless him but he stayed in for over a week, your son was out quick OL 




Sounds more painful than dangerous. My sympathy to victim and parents.


Thank you guys for your lovely replies. OL and lily,that's good your sons were fine after their ops.I know my daughter will be fine but as parents we start to imagine all sorts of things.

David - your posts are fine and thank you for the 'ear',though its a nose we might need :-P Seriously though,thanks for that post-op insight.In fact,I've had nasal polyps too,though when I first had them (about 4 years ago) my doctor prescribed an antihistamine along with steroid drops and I've never had them that bad since (touch wood). I've never had surgery but can sometimes feel the polyps trying to make their presence known,especially at this time of year with all the pollen about.It seems I'm lucky though as regards response to treatment.

My Dad had the op a very long time ago now Fishy and hasn't had a problem since.  Hope your daughter is a lucky.  

It's a parent's job to worry but this time tomorrow you should have nothing to worry about  How is Mrs Fishy - it's not too long since she was in hospital?  Hope she has fully recovered now.


With you Fishy - its our job to worry.  Hope she makes a very speedy recovery


All the best for today for little Fishy

Thank you all for the support and good wishes,it makes a big difference.Mike,her name is Bethany,or Beth as she now insists on being called.Apparently 'Bethany' is no longer cool but will probably be acceptable again when she reaches 20.

Anyway,she went down for the op at around 10am and according to the doctor it was a success.It was a big polyp by all accounts and she's had to stay in overnight.They will be removing the packing tomorrow morning and she should be back with us by lunchtime. She needs to avoid crowds and other sources of infection plus some kind of preventative measures put in place.So ends another hospital adventure,or nearly at any rate.Mrs Fish is exhausted...
star gaze lily

Hi Fishy, I love that name, I was going to call my daughter that (if I had one!) but they were both boys didn't 

So glad all went well and she is on the mend. Hope she isn't in too much discomfort. Very best wishes to all the fishes and hugs 

Hi Mike,Lily and David.Thank you once again.Mike dear friend,am I to suspect a package is on its way? What a thoroughly decent bloke you are,but you really shouldn't have.That said,yes she has a sweet tooth but so do I :-P Thank you so much.

Anyway,she's now home and recuperating. The nurses took the packing out this morning and I really didn't think you could get something that long up a person's nose?? Obviously the wound will take time to heal and she's not allowed to blow her nose for a few days.Out of interest David,did you get much residual bleeding after your op?

this is for gardening, not yucky human ailments.