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I'm touched. My old lady neighbour's garden backs onto mine. She had an emaculate garden which I could only see if she shouted me and I stood on tiptoes to speak to her or went up son's climbing tower. Last year she had people in tending the garden. Last month I was shocked to see how dry and neglected it was. Last week I saw a For Sale sign outside her house. I've asked but no one as yet knows what has happened.


I think this is so sad 

but you are right we are only watchmen in the end 


Nature will always reclaim its own.  Whether its concrete, Tarmac, water, whatever, nature will colonise it in time.  Yes James and smokin......we are only temporary tenants here

On the Towans behind me....on the way to the beach....there used to live a caretaker and his wife. They made a garden in their cottage plot.  It's all neglected now, cottage fallen into disrepair and all overgrown with nature's  choices.....ivy, bramble, sycamore, etc......but the roses and apple trees are still there to remind us people did live there once.  No sentiment with nature is there?

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