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I promise this is not a joke ,i want to make a 6foot by 6 foot area for nettles to make nettle tea again this year ,last year i trimmed other allotments for it,so my question is simple if i try to contain it by surrounding it with roof tiles a couple of feet into the ground then put raised sides on it maybe 3 feet high to make a goodbed for it will it contain it or does it send out seeds will i be wasting my time, now theres a question i hav,nt seen afore seriosly what u tink

Cheers Alan4711 


It will only seed if you let it flower, so if you keep it trimmed regularly that should avoid seeding.  

I've seen a similar thing done on an allotment with sheets of corrugated tin sunk into the ground.  

The roots will eventually sneak through the cracks, but if you keep an eye on them and slice them off with a sharp spade down inside the 'container' you ought to be able to keep them in control.  

I agree with Dove, the roots are shallow so will be confined, I should think a foot deep into the ground would do, and sides wouldn't need to be that high, as it spreads mostly from root trailers.

Now thats wot i calls a result,, dint think of the old corrugated stuff that would be perfec

should have thought about the flowers mi,sen well don dove ya did it agen

cheers mi duck,,

Monster watcher


cheers Lyn for the help 


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