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Hi everyone, I'm thinking of setting up my own gardening blog. I know there's plenty already, but I would like to start one off, as it will help myself to learn more about plants and I will be able to take examples of my blog into any interview I get to work in a garden centre.

Do other people think I would be able to do this? And does anypne have any ideas what I could put on it?

Sound good to me ryan
What ideas do you have already?
I'm not expert enough in this to give advice but I will read with interest
How old are you Ryan? Or do you mind me asking you that?
Have you thought about offering to help out in a nursery or garden centre at weekends?

Well I thought of doing:

Plant of the week - with sowing and growing instursctions

A Q&A section (obviuosly I will have to learn things off the net and then reply)

Jobs to do that week that suit the weather conditions (similar to GW, I know)

A new space saving idea weekly

Links to different plant offers...


Thats all I got so far. I've just turned 16, but have been gardening since I was 9/10, so have taught myself a lot of stuff  

And yes I have thought about it, however, I won't be able to apply for atleast the next month and a half, as I've got depression at the moment and Lyme Disease, so that why I've been on here a lot and sowing seeds

I was going to hand my aplllication form in and hope to either geta  job or and apprenticeship, I don't mind either way, but would like to earn some money to put towards my garden.


All those ideas sound good but how much time have you got. I have a Gardening and Photography blog but can only dedicate once a week postings on each as I've got other commitments.

Just be your self and let it develop with time.

At the moment, I have all the time in the world, I'm too ill to go to school and it doesn't look like I will be returning  

Would you be able to post a link to your blog, as I'd love to see what you've done


Woodgreen wonderboy

Brilliant idea, go for it. However two words of warning/advice. Don't try to do everything at once. Build your blog so that those that read it will return as they were impressed the first time. If you disappoint them they may not return. Second, think about how you get the word out that your blog even exists. Some form of marketing will be necessary? Best of British.

Thankyou WW, it wil probably take me a good few weeks to get the blog how I like it and then it will be a next few weeks before I post my first thing on there, as I want to experiment with different writing styles to find out which one I prefer.

Also, I was hoping to advertise on here, I dont want to compete with GW and obviously know I'll never be that big, but might get some people reading it. And then theres Facebook and Twitter. I have already got a page called 'Keeping It Green' on both, so will probably call the blog the same


My blog which is linked to my photography (which I've just started) with a link to my flickr.

You can link your FB and Twit accounts too. 

I must admit it's more of a leisure thing, as opposed to anything serious.

Depression is everywhere Ryan
Secret is trying not to get too down. it stops you living your life
Why not just go into your local garden centre and see if you could spend couple of hours there occasionally. Nothing to lose by just going in and asking to see the manager
Have you nought about selling some plants you've grown yourself? Do you have space for that?
You have some good ideas there on your blog Ryan.
Mind you, you are already learning about plants on this forum, aren't you ?

marshmello. Have just looked at your blog and its absolutely beautiful. The photographs really show how to doit. As they say a picture paints a thousand words.


Thankyou punkdoc for your kind words.  So utterly true, a picture and all that...

Gardening Grandma

When you have the energy, Ryan, you might think of volunteering at a local National Trust garden or similar, if you have one. You could mention it in job applications. It would show you are willing to work and willing to learn. It would also help with your blog.



Hi Marshmellow - your blog is really lovely, I've been thinking about blogging for absolutely ages but don't know how to get started. Can you offer any advice about setting it up please?


nightgarden - checkout I find it a good blogging site, still takes a few weeks to get your head around how it works but you do work it out in the end. If your really stuck google "how to" and a answer will appear. Oh, and youtube has a few answers in its vids.



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