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The potty gardener

Hi all.

I've changed from The Lone Gardener to The Potty Gardener but not really sure about it. Mrs Potts?  A big hug to the person who can come up with the best suggestion.



Container Chick ?? 


loaded flower


I like Your suggestion  Just looked at your profile and see it is very apt.

Sara 4

Pottie Lottie



Going off topic a bit here but just looked through you posts. Have you posted a picture of your garden before? I found a few pictures of the things you grow but not the whole area. Would love to see it.

I like potty gardener

There is another poster whose name I think is fab, he doesn't post often, hope he isn't offended and doesn't mind me saying, he's called 'Ben's grandad'. When ever he posts, it brings a smile. I have this picture of a proud Ben sat with his grandad on an allotment asking a very proud grandparent, 'what was it like in the 'Olden Days' gardening, grandad' and always feel compelled to read his postings.

Go with potty gardener... 


I like Potty Gardener. Definite improvement!  Other one made me sad.

Course, you could be an airhead like me and choose something daft. Was thinking of changing to Dolly Parton, but don't have her assets. You can tell I'm not a true gardener.


How about Potty trained




NoBull (as in no bull in a china (pot) shop)

Potiphar (as in Joseph)

Cringeworthy, I know, but I looked up pot in a thesaurus and it came up with Marijuana and Potbelly

I actually rather like Potbelly.


Potty Bev. Bev the potter. Pot plant Bev.


Blossom Bev.


Like that KEF. Also like mrs pots.

The potty gardener

Thank you everyone. Will have a look through again and decide in the week



Getting used to potty gardener and liking it. It suits you now. Have you decided to keep it or are you still deciding?

Think I'll change my name.  I feel so inferior to all these clever handles.  Want something amusing, agitating and "clever".........


Don't you dare Verdun!


Don't do it Verd. Remember the last time you did that? Do you really want to go through all that again.

Think Potty Gardener is very apt Bev.  Did like John's suggestion though.