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Orchid Lady
Not really a gardening post but I love natural products and today have discovered some from Chain Bridge Honey Farm, totally natural products and a good range. They do a hand balm which I think will be great for the dry hands that I always get when I have been in the garden so am going to get some ready for when the hard work starts in spring. The company has nothing to do with me in any way, I just thought I would share for anyone that may be interested.

Nothing wrong with taking care of your hands and nails. I use a hand cream daily and try to wear gloves when gardening but despite setting off with good intentions the gloves come off.

My nails suffer through gardening so I file them flat and square rather than rounded stops them breaking...and keep a bar of soap near the kitchen sink, which if you can remember to dig your nails into before going out into the garden, stops soil from getting under your nails.

Orchid Lady
That's a good tip about the soap under your nails, thanks. I do wear gloves but still seem to get dirty hands. I have some soap that is like putty with bits in that 'scrubs' the hands gently, that works really well too.

It's also a good idea in the summer to get a good suncream and aftersun, surprising how you can catch the sun if you are out in the garden, even just for a few hours.


I like using stuff made by Sanctuary, not sure how natural the products are but they have a good range and add stuff like jojoba to their products.    


Orchid Lady
Thanks Zoomer, I always use sun cream and moisturise every night anyway, even in winter. My face cream has SPF in and in really warm days I put extra on. Not sure how natural Sanctuary is as I haven't used it, as well as nutural I don't use anything animal tested.....but that's for another forum. I have found the products the OP was about as I am trying to support more local smaller businesses, in my quest to be a better person in 2014 LOL!!!

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