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Wendy 11

Hi yes there are railing at the back of the big planters so would be good for climbers, i don't know much about clematis. Let me see if i can post the planters i have been caring for, they were put in about 4 years ago and have had no care whatsoever, so took a time to get both sorted out and had to cut down the ornamental grass it was so messy out so out of control.


Wendy 11

 this is the side corner where i would like to get a Mahonia Aquifolim as children in summer time to try to climb from planter to bike shed on right, so hoping this plant may deter them a little so spiky.


Welcome Wendy, any climbers you put there would benefit from you enriching the earth; (chicken manure pellets/ fish, blood and bone meal/ well rotted manure) as the soil looks a bit neglected. Also initially, at least, you will have to tie the climbers on as you don't have many horizontal pieces. Have you considered a climbing rose like Compassion also to keep out unwanted guests?

Another option is one of the berberis family. There are plenty to chose from and many are evergreen with yellow or orange flowers. The RHS plant selector is a good place to look.



How tall are the planters? Shrubs, roses, clematis and honeysuckles need quite tall ones. Should be around 50cm tall for roses. Roses and clematis are quite greedy and will need regular feeding and watering. Also the top layer of compost for planting anything in pots should be changed every year.

I also would grow a berberis there....Darwinii.  Evergreen, easily pruned, spikey, and lovely orange flowers in spring.  A bonus of blue berries too.  A much better plant there than mahonia

Hi Wendy, i have grown lots of plants in pots as my garden is not huge. I find its possible to grow almost anything in pots and its much easier to change them occasionally.
How about a Pyracantha for that corner, they are pretty tolerant of town pollution and fairly drought resistant...if i sound like i know what i'm on about don't be fooled, its just that i put one in last
Oh yes, they are spikey as well wear thick gloves if you decide on one.

Hmmmmm....but pyracantha is so VICIOUS.  Those sharp long barbs.  Got rid of mine.  One of those near your eyes...a child's bad news.  You can have prickly but pyracantha is dangerous

Wendy 11

No sounds great to me, it would just stop them getting on the bike sheds as seriously they could kill their self  when they then get on garages, but of course are cheeky and wont listen, only happens in summer  though usually when all bored, if it deters them getting on the edge it would be good.


The soil in the pic had not been really sorted then, as i had only just cut down ornamental grass, but will be getting some compost to add to the planters soon.


Oh Darwini i will look at too as gone off mohania now


Sides of planters in picture are at least 2  ft high, so would be fine im sure Busy lizzie

Thank you for tip of feeding if i do plant


Wendy as well as growing some climbing plants, have a look at Ilex ( Holly) which might act as a deterrent when it grows. Golden King female is nice, not too many spines and lovely red / orange berries.

Na then Wendy try a few strawberry plants.Put a tumbler plant in a hanging basket you will be delighted wth the results.Best O luck wi yer new venture.Brian.


Gosh, planters are bigger than they look in the photos.

Wendy 11

Thanks all will take a look at Llex Holly too.

Brian i will be making another post on baskets soon for my balcony, but i have to wait a bit as i get very impatient.

It will be great to show you all the large planters too when they are finished at least they will make everywhere look nice, as they were getting to look like a jungle.



Hiya wendy

Makes sense to get all your baskets, posts and supports ready for planting out in a few weeks' time.......not until May at the earliest in most places.  However, this is the time to think and plan for your perfect displays 

I think you may well like the's one  of my favourite evergreen shrubs. 

I only pointed out what Wendy could put in small space out of the way hung up.She does,nt have to do it like now.


 It's a good time of year for talking about it Brian. Soon be spring I tell myself several times a day

Wendy 11

I think i need to know more about the soil, as i am intending too add more compost and dig  in, then if im planting any bushes should i use bone meal, as I don't really want to spend too much as this is a public space.

I went on a site yesterday looking how much delivery was on bushes and was told i would need to buy about 5 different things just to plant a bush, now i have  no idea really but it did seem rather a lot of things for one bush so my question is, Is bone mean good enough under a bush? Im in th middle of London with not many garden centres near.

Wendy bone meal,takes about 3 months before,it's usable for,plants.  So applied now it would be "ready" in April.  It's not something I use preferring fish blood amd bone. You could use chicken pellets or dig in dried manure.