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 It's a good time of year for talking about it Brian. Soon be spring I tell myself several times a day

Wendy 11

I think i need to know more about the soil, as i am intending too add more compost and dig  in, then if im planting any bushes should i use bone meal, as I don't really want to spend too much as this is a public space.

I went on a site yesterday looking how much delivery was on bushes and was told i would need to buy about 5 different things just to plant a bush, now i have  no idea really but it did seem rather a lot of things for one bush so my question is, Is bone mean good enough under a bush? Im in th middle of London with not many garden centres near.

Wendy bone meal,takes about 3 months before,it's usable for,plants.  So applied now it would be "ready" in April.  It's not something I use preferring fish blood amd bone. You could use chicken pellets or dig in dried manure.

Wendy 11

I dont understand 3 months, what do you mean, the packet stuff from B&Q im talking about?


Bone meal is a slow release fertiliser which needs to break down in the soil before the plants can use it, the finer it is ground up the quicker it is ready for the plants. If you buy it with fish and blood in it they will act first before the bone meal is ready so it is a long acting organic fertiliser.


Wendy 11

Oh thanks for explaining


So if i buy chicken pellets this is better? i just have no idea

I need to get the soil sorted before i do anything, so any suggestions would be good.


I often use organic chicken manure pellets, if I was creating a new bed I would dig them into the top few inches about a week or so before planting. I have never bothered to read the instructions though; they may say something different. Always follow the guide lines on quantity per sq. metre.

I did once have problems with either a fox or a dog digging up earth where I had just sprinkled the pellets on and had not bothered to dig them in.

Wendy 11

OK thanks Artjak

Pelleted chicken manure is easy to can just chuck it over the soil in the amounts recommended on the packaging. As you are just using it for tubs you will not need to buy much; it can be a bit pongy if you have to store it indoors so you don't want half a box of the stuff under the stairs. I use a little on my tubs at the beginning of the year then use a liquid feed at other times. Plants in tubs need feeding regularly because they cannot send their roots out into the wider world in search of nutrients.

Welcome Wendy - next time I am in Town, meeting friends at Hays Galleria, I must pop by and see what you have achieved! Good luck in your efforts.

Wendy 11

Soil now sorted with compost and above Grow more pellets

Ordered 2 pyrcanthas and i honesuckle i just could not resist the honey suckle but i was assured ok to plant now, weather ok here.


They'll be gorgeous Wendy - and good for wildlife 

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