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Anyone excited for the upcoming heatwave we are being promised?


only after the gale force winds have passed through 


as long as my 2nd water butt gets filled from the overflow then Im fine with the wind :P

I've had one day of sun so far,I'm not holding my breath! But it would be Soooo nice!


750ft up and 10 miles from the Atlantic in N Devon, we kinda get used to the wind ( and the rain )


Heatwave from Wednesday........lovely.  But really we cant complain down here.  Most days have been pretty good.  Hmm! But windy wet weather is supposed to hit us.


Its been pretty good here too, but some warmer temperatures are always great.

I will just put my shorts on to scare away anyone or anything that tries to disturb me 


I wouldn't advise that Matt, every time I pout my shorts on big grey clouds form! Don't do it! Wear a wooly hat and coat and you should get a heatwave! 


Yes Iv read that we are in for a heatwave.   Hope it's true !   Open doors and windows,  salad teas, eating outdoors, washing drying in a flash, only a sheet for cover at night..........bring it on !!!   Get me  getting down with the kids 


You can all thank us - it's 'cos we've just bought a lovely snuggly thick new duvet - delivered yesterday


Thanks Dove 


Yes, I'm so excited - can't wait for some warmer weather!

Soon be the end of winter ...

A few years ago I worked in a company with one chap known for his gloomy wit. On the 21st June someone pointed out that the solstice had just gone by, to which he pointed out "The days are drawing in now". 

Roll on warmer weather. My pak choi, and winter roots like this weather, but the chillis and beans don't. Assuming any french beans will survive the winds tonight. 

flowers in the rain

Sadly the heatwave is suppose to be a short one and the cooler temps. are back next week. At the moment I can hear the wind howling outside.


Papi Jo

I don't know why people get so excited at the idea of a heatwave. We are expecting about 30 degrees Celsius on Friday afternoon here in Brittany, and that is much too hot for my liking.


At the moment a heatwave here would be  anything over 20C for more than an hour or so

Gales last night, and my coldframe has severe damage, but no broken glass. Last month it had damagè and broken glass. Hiw can winds lift a heavy glass and aluminium window? Last time it cost £25 to repair it. 


15'C? I'd be happy above 10!


Sadly away during heatwave. Will be busy moving stuff into the shade and laying soaked cardboard this week and hoping the weather turns. 

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