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Hey, did anyone else miss Nigel in GW on Friday? Too cold and damp I suppose! MD feeling threatened.....


It's a gardening show...not Crufts, so no, I didn't miss him I did like the chicken though

Gary Hobson

Where else to expect dogs to play, except in a garden.

Considering the requirements of dogs is an essential part of gardening (for those who have dogs).

Ditto, cats.

I wondered whether Nige was demanding better terms and conditions.

I also miss Nigel he adds personality to the show but the chickens are just glory hunters and do not really add to the garden.

Gary Hobson

I have yet to see a garden complete with dog agility course, which some dogs really enjoy.

We know Nige likes to do tricks with potatoes.



Going off subject a bit, sorry, we went to a caravan site in Norfolk last year and on the 2 adjoining pitched were 2 couples and between them they had 6 dog, complete with Crufts style agility course, the dogs were no problem, just the owners giving them instructions very loud voices.Interesting though, but will not be returning to that site.

I hadn't missed Nigel until you pointed it out, must have been too interested in what MD had to say.

flowering rose

Please bring back Nigel,Thats why I watch Monty in his garden,well partly!

Steve the Gardening Vet

Monty tweeted during the week that Nigel had unexpectedly ended up at the vets with some degree of acute mobility issue so I assume he is on bed rest.

So that's what happened to Nigel! Poor thing. I too missed him. It's lovely to see him at Monty's side in the garden and obviously enjoying himself. Hope he's back soon. My dog Lily (standard Poodle) is always with me in the garden and I have to keep stopping whatever I'm doing to throw the ball for her. She's great company. Somehow, I think that dogs and gardens go together.

I am yet another fan of Nigel, and therefore missed him a lot. I could watch him for hours, for he has such a lovely nature it seems.


Nigel should have his own blog. yeah!! go Nige,l we love you

Caz W

Definitely donutsmrs!  Hope ol' Nige is feeling better and will be back on screen Friday. (Used to love Alice Fowler's little dog too) 


Thank the Lord(as my Jamacian friend would say...) I thought I was odd, missing a mere dog in a gardening show.......what's wrong with watching MD(I mean, what he is doing!

Nice to be with kindred spirit

We have missed Nigel over the past couple of weeks and it would be good if Monty could give us an update during the programme.Hope he is OK and will be back with us soon. He is a lovely dog and part of the show. Hurry back Nige.


Apparently MD is ignoring/avoiding questions about Nigel's health


Caz W

Oh dear, that doesn't sound too good - hope he's OK.


Nigel wasn't on GW again last night. Oh Monty, I do hope he is ok, please let us know. Great programe last night.


if nigel is not well then maybe we should leave monty alone to deal with it.. most of us are all to aware of how they become part of the family and it is hard to deal with when they are ill.. maybe it is just to upsetting for Monty to talk about..


Oh no!

My dog goes frantic if I don't go out into garden straight after breakfast for a look around, then he runs around in circles with excitement. Cat always has to come as well. For dog see avatar. Would miss him so much if he wasn't there.