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me london

I was given this charming zombie gnome for my b'day yesterday by my kind fella as a bit of fun (and he likes to take the mickey over how much I am enjoying gardening).

Am hoping it will scare away the slugs.... '-)



Ha ha! you're not my friend who hates gnomes and ghosts are you?? She'd smash that to pieces and her other half is driving her mad by buying gnomes at the mo...he puts them on the shed roof where she can't get them!

me london

Funny!! Poor gnomes, tell your friend gnomes have feelings too you know!

I don't mind them, they make me smile when I see them in other people's gardens, but I never owned one until now because my partner hates them.  I guess this one he liked being a big kid and a fan of zombies! Did make me laugh tho

All very well although if you have Grandchildren you will get gnomes like them or not, I have concrete ones plastic pot and even wood. My way is to hide them and then send the children on a gnome hunt, apart from the concrete one which has over the years taken on a patina  of moss and comes in handy as a door stop. The look of joy on their faces as you unwrap another gnome means you cannot say anything but thank you and put it in a prominent place until they go.

Some things we just have to live with,


i love gargoyles, witches and now for my 3 year old, fairies, haven't any yet though , no gnomes allowed!also no cute puppies, or any other animals allowed thankyou!


Rosemummy wait it will come, we had to mind dogs rabbits and plants while the family went off round the world. The Rabbit a very large one supposedly on its last legs lasted a year, moving the hutch round every day on fresh grass the best food and constant coddling from Joan who loved rabbits prolonged its life. If we sat on the Patio he would come over push Joan's feet apart and go to sleep with his head on her foot, he died in the end but happy.

Plants were always on their last legs I ran the plant A&E they would be collected in perfect health only to come back wanting the kiss of life. The dogs often two and our own Westy would walk for miles through woods and fields then not want to go home. The children grow up have their own families then it becomes Mum and Dads Hotel for children dogs rabbits plants but definitely never cats.


Poor cats indeed SweetPea, although cat owners do not know the agony they can cause those who are allergic to them and I am totally. A Lady I knew would stop and talk to me in Tospots, within a minute my eye's would be swelling asking if she had a cat she said yes three, end of friendly talks.

The farm cats were never allowed in the house and being semi wild did not get cuddled as the dogs did so it took a while to find out my allergy, going into a house on the Green to help a lady move some stuff it ended with me flat out gasping for breath and a rash all over, she had a house full of cats. Cat owners poo poo it all believe me it is serious to sufferers. At least I do not shoot them, "err" well not many.



I suffer with my own particularly sever allergies, as others know, to insect bites and stings, so trust me, I know the pain of allergies. I don't happen to poo poo anyone's ailments. Not all cat owners are heartless, self absorbed so and so's.

PS it's not exactly the cats fault for your allergy, so with recent cases with cats the shooting joke isn't really very fair. Some vile human shot a friends cat with a crossbow, as well as various other stories in the news.

But then again I'm a hippy dippy animal welfare activist, so there you go.

Sorry to detract from the original post OP

Sorry SweetPea, the cat owners in this area seem to put the cats out all day to ruin peoples gardens so my dislike is more the owners. Brought up on farms and smallholdings I saw and indeed killed animals for our needs never domestic animals off which we had many through the years. On a family holiday in Scotland where the midges flew in Squadrons I was the one never bothered by them, probably all that Mepacrin we took in Africa and yes allergies can be caused by many things such as an allergy to Gnomes which has to be hidden from the children who give them as presents, they do have fun searching the garden for them though so some good can come from it all.



My own cats - of which I have four - don't even go outside, so I am obviously the perfect cat lady/gardener. Though don't come for tea, I were to be a neighbour, I'd be in favour at least.


I can't abide gnomes, though I do have a cheery little snail,

 though he's unintentionally hidden behind all my seedlings, that are less seedling like, and more need to be planted out imminently sized.

Palais glide I meant statues! I 'll be very happy to 'babysit' real animals, had horses for years,just don't like 'cute' figurines! I too am allergic to cats, like them well enough, had 3 at different times growing up, but I am extremely fed up of them pooping in our garden as littiles around, I would've mind if it was my cats

Blighty mam I think it's brilliant !!      I WANT ONE. 

Rosemummy, when you are a grandparent then it begins, they know the Hotel of Mum and Dad is ten star and better still free, they get too well treated we have to put the boot behind them to send them home again.

Two of the pot gnomes went missing and we started to get postcards from them as they travelled around the world, funny enough it also coincided with my Granddaughters gap year travels and wonder of wonder they suddenly reappeared when she came home, she could have left them on Bondi Beach but no they are sitting out there in very cold rain at the moment.


Sweet pea, the vet I had to operate on my favourite cat a few years ago, before I got too allergic to go near them, said he wished more people would keep their cats in, he was fed up of operating on those who had been hit by cars... Blighty man, my friend would love the zombie/ vampire gnome! I' m afraid I don' t do 'fun' accessories, she buys me things and I have to 'lose' them...can' t help it, I' m just too tasteful!!

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