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Wood green kids use to find it funny when I SHOUTED, oops shouted, CAN YOU HEAR ME MOTHER? in my ridiculous Lancashire accent as I drove my car.
Takes me back that
Gardening Grandma

Thanks for using the word 'kindness', Dove, since it is  the key work for all good interaction. I do stupid things sometimes. So does everyone else. Friendship covers it up as far as possible and keeps on trying to create positive interaction.


My ex boss used to type in capitals when he was trying to assert his authority.  Fat chance.  Used to let it go until the worm turned. Replied in bold capitals, large type. Never did it again. Happy days. I always emphasised anything with the bold function, not that I ever feel the need to these days.

Verdun, made me laugh the comment about always black ink not blue.  OH teaches engineering apprentices, and has been told not to use red ink when marking, as it has negative connotations.  So he just shrugged, went onto the interweb and bought some Purple ink instead.  He keeps wondering how he gets though it so fast......shouldn't have bought an identical pen to mine in the sales.   Hahahahaha.

Oakley Witch

Well...(pause)  I have used T&M a couple of times this year and have been a little disappointed I must say. Alot of the seeds I planted have not germinated and the ones that have done are very weak while others from another supplier are very strong.

I have used Dobbies in the past but have now decided to leave them to their own mass commercialness. I was given some vouchers by me neighbour last year when i moved in. Off I went...very happy and bought some garlic, dalias and gladioli. I came trotting home very pleased with myself and started planting them up. The garlic were mouldy, the gladioli had a worm in it (and not your friendly 'howdydoday' worm) and the dalia lasted about 6 weeks and died. 

I have a wonderful local GC 4 miles away who are always good for advice, help and suggestions. I now give business to them. They are a little dearer but I feel I'm supporting a local business as well as being meet with a smile and always a 'Good morning'


Sam, Dobbies now have a five year guarantee on all of their plants, it does not matter if you bought them with gift vouchers!  As this thread contains advice about complaining, then that's what I'd do!  You should at least get the stuff you lost replaced, and might get coffee and cake for your trouble.  Smile nicely, complain, accept any redress and freebies, and then do what you're doing and support your independant GC.  Wish there was a decent one near me, one is just interested in coming and 'landscaping' your garden - I don't have the money or inclination, and the other one gives you a number of weeds free with any plant you buy.

Oakley Witch

Hi Muddy Paws, it was quite a while ago now and had to travel a wee distance. I should have complained but I just left it, silly on my part I know. I dont bad mouth them or anything, I just use other places. I was out a few months ago and found a nursery called Binny plants. They have won awards after awards for their plants and they are big on creating wildlife in the garden. I will be trotting over there in the next month or two. Its about 25 miles away or so but very worth the trip.

The Trade Descriptions Act is now defunct.  It was replaced by the Consumer Protection (Misleading Marketing) Regulations, CPR for short. More Applicable to mail order (as others have stated) are the Distance Selling Regulations and Sale and Supply of Goods and Services Act.

Always back up a telephone call in writing. The contents of a conversation can never be proven unless recorded and the differing recollections of each participant can lead to problems.

All companies make mistakes, the measure of a good one is how effectively it rectifies them.

Gardening Grandma

Thanks, Tall Paul. I believe very much in writing a letter and keeping a copy. Emails are easier to ignore, because they are probably opened by a junior clerk. A letter to the boss is needed. We ordered a fast-erect gazebo from a garden centre which had already been broken when it arrived. Phone calls and emails brought promises but no action. We wrote to the Managing Director and had our money back within the week.


No, where'd you get that info from as I'm aware its still very much law. At no point in class did our tutor say that The Trade Descriptions Act no longer existed.

marshmello wrote (see)

No, where'd you get that info from as I'm aware its still very much law. At no point in class did our tutor say that The Trade Descriptions Act no longer existed.

You are correct Marshmello, it still exists in small bits but the bulk of it has been superceded by CPRs, I didn't want to go into too much detail.

The wider point is that TDA and CPR are criminal legislation, the problems being highlighted here are civil law issues and are covered by the Regulations I mentioned. No one is going to prosecute T&M for selling tatty plants but we have rights as individuals under civil law.

This doesn't apply to Scotland for you Beechgrovers up there, can't help you with Scottish law I'm afraid.


I see Tall Paul. Cheers 


I would have thought that this would fall under The Sale of Goods Act, ie, not fit for purpose. That's what I always quote when complaining about goods that are not up to scratch, as advised by the Consumer Advice bods.

Sale and Supply of Goods and Services Act codifies civil law but enforcement bodies can't bring prosecutions under it.  You can use it as a basis for an action in the Civil Courts but have to take that yourself.  You are quite right to quote it when you are in dispute with a trader but bringing an action is far from straightforward, for example an independent expert, acceptable to both parties, would have to be appointed to decide whether the goods were "fit for purpose".  That would be quite tricky unless it was done immediately as plants obviously change/deteriorate quickly.   


I have similar problem with Thompson & Morgan. We ordered climbing plant from them three months ago. They keep putting back delivery now three times and still nothing. They don't respond to emails We even sent one to the Chief Exec, no response at all. My wife is calling them tomorrow to cancel and request a refund. This firm will not get any more business form us again!!


Peter, if you have facebook, make a complaint on their facebook page. It seems to get faster action. They don't like the bad publicity, although they get a lot on here. I think there is even a thread on Thompson and Morgan bad service.


I complained about poor seed germination on T&M's facebook page and was sent another 2 packets.

I tried putting a comment on their Facebook page but it wouldn't post. I wonder if they kept deleting it?

Cant find it just a blank area