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Yes I do , I'll try again

Re Pennine Petal!

Interestingly the majority of people don't complain, generally because they can't be bothered, because they don't think it's worth while or because they dobn't think they will get anywhere. I do complain, because I think it is imortant, but even I sometimes can't be bothered. There are some things we put up with, we have a zone of tolerance, others we stamp our feet about.

It is VERBOTEN for Verdun to read further!

When Anemone Wild Swan was first offered, I ordered six plant plugs from them (T&M) potted them up but they started dying off almost immediately one by one!

Couldn't be bothered complaining as in the past they had supplied me with rubbish plants and it had been very difficult to get a response!

I took the opinion as it served me jolly well right as I had sworn never to order anything from them ever again and here I had broken my promise!

A long time later I discovered the Review Centre and posted on there T&M to their credit responded right away, to say let them have the order number etc and they would see what they could do!

I could not find the details but also again I could not be bothered responding to them so that was the end of that saga!

So what you say PP is very true!


I've always had good results with thompson and morgan and when I emailed them they replied and sorted the problem straight away.


I am not happy with van Meuwen hadnt realised they were same as  Son and Morgan but that clarifies a few things from now on I will only be buying from hayloft plants healthy plants well packaged excellent customer service yes they cost a little more but you get what you pay for

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