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Hi All.

I am new to this forum so I thought I would say hello.

I am in the process of purchasing a new property (My gran sadly passed away and it is her house I am looking to purchase)

It has 3/4 acre of land which over the years has been transformed into a huge lawn (with very little life) I remember back when I was young there where fruit trees, areas of long grass, flowering bushes etc and the insect/bird life was booming. even down to owls nesting in the Lailandii (SP)

I would like to rectify this over time but will probably be looking to you all for help.

To give you a little background on me,

I am 34 years old.

4 kids

Environmental manager (with an Environmental Science Degree)





Hi Pugnut and welcome 

Sounds like an exciting time you have ahead of you - keep us updated 


hello pignut. 

You'll have a wonderful time getting the life back into that


How exciting - it sounds wonderful pignut.  Will your 4 kids be able to help with the garden?  We are all willing here to help with advise on things we are familiar with.  Looking forward to hearing your progress and good luck.


Yes my oldest is 9 my youngest is 2.

They all love the outdoors and love to hunt "Mini beast" we have a small wildlife garden in our current property which is 3ft x 3ft which they helped to build. we have frogs, damselflies, bees and butterflies on a regular basis.. 






Welcome Pignut.. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and enjoy (I loose hours here sometimes just reading and giggling).

Loads of help and advice here and lots of nice people, good luck with the new home and project .


Welcome pignut


Welcome Pignut! What an usual name!

I hope the sale of the house goes through and that you have many many many years of pleasure ahead of you.


It's a lovely name Clarington



Thanks Nut  I learn something new here everyday


So do I lisa.  unfortunately I forget something every day as well


Hi Pignut  Sorry about your Gran.

When I was 10 my parents bought a property that had an old cottage type garden, rambling roses, winding makeshift paths, old benches, dog kennels hidden in grass that was waist height, old sheds, a chicken run, lots of old apple, cherry and pear trees. We had a wonderful childhood playing amongst it all.

Over the years, as was the way for a lot of people in the late 60's & 70's and into 80's it became organised, lawned and tidied up. Concrete paths laid and areas levelled off. Did make huge veg' beds & greenhouses.

My Mother 85yrs still lives there, not as big as your Gran's only 1/3 acre, now it is like a park, grass, huge trees & shrubs, some beauties I will say, but to me if I could change things I'd take it back to what it was. She still has a lot of wild life due to the trees & shrubs. Very private place and most things grow far biggger than expected.

You have a great opportunity. Sadly I won't. I hope you manage to make it into what you remember, and your kiddies have the fun we had.  

Would love to hear and see your progress.

Very best wishes.


Sounds really great , I hope you and your family enjoy turning this grassed area into a garden you can all enjoy

Sounds like a pond may be your first project ?

Do you intend to grow some veg ?


the land has a small dip about 2.5m x 3m it is my intention to turn this into a bog garden with small (probably a storage box) pond.


The kids will be growing veg, but this will be in the raised beds near the house. it wont be serious veg "production" more little bits so the boys can gain the experience



David Matthews2

Hi Pignut, A hearty "Welcome" from an honorary West Walian (nearly 40 years residency for qualification nearly completed). I do hope you get the 'Green Light' on purchase and your restoration project soon! With lots of (?willing) helpers it could be a lot of fun - and well worthwhile educationally. [I retired from environmental teaching and general landscape interpretation in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park fairly recently]. Be sure to take LOTS of photos and keep a log of the successive stages of the development - could become a 'family heirloom' of the future...!




Hi Pignut. Welcome to the forum. There are loads of helpful, kind people on here who will give you  advice.

You have a big project ahead but it'll be great for you and your family. Just keeping the grass cut will be a big task initially!

Best of luck with it all. 

Hiya pignut. ,warm welcome.  Good luck.  Sounds very exciting 

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