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Hi all again and i need help with water butts ,were moving to Norfolk very soon new house big garden already full of wonderful plants,and the dreaded water meter,So has anyone in that area (Cromer,Mundesley ) found a supply of the big blue dairy farm disinfectant barrels we all use here in Tenby, most farmers are glad to get rid as they are non returnable and just perfect for butts (about 40 gollon ),just add a BnQ tap in the side or join them all up low down and tap the end one works a treat, anyone out there know where to get em please. Manyofem Alan4711

Welcome to Norfolk. My allotment water butts are empty and I am having to transport water to save my beans and courgettes in this current dry spell. Although now it has finished drizzling here 10 miles south of Mundersley/Cromer its still cloudy on the coast.

As to your question, you might find containers as described at Car-boots or Auctions nearby. By the way I have found a water meter here cheaper than the Water rates in my last house.

flowering rose

how lucky to move Norfolk,went there on holiday and loved it.

Hi all many thanks for your help ,the link from Dove as usual was very helpful, the blue butts are almost identical to the ones we get from the farmers here ,as usual delivery price is high due to the size ,and i hope our water meter will be kind as in Falmouth we were paying believe it or not ??24:99 A WEEK true,, many thanks to you all .Alan4711



I don't suppose you need enough butts to qualify for free local delivery Alan, but they stock loads of other useful stuff, fencing etc, usually well-priced.  It might be worthwhile making up a £50 worth load - I would imagine that anywhere in Norfolk ought to qualify for 'free local delivery'. 

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