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Hi all again, help if poss ,a raised 2 feet deep permanent already there bed north facing,i want to put in a red berry of some kind for colour along with (clamatis and honeysucle which you have already advised me on,) now any ides on the red berry bush, the back wall is strong and 8 feet high if its a climber or perhaps more than one type of berry ? winter colour is what would be good for us and the birds,any ideas please ,Good luck


What about aucuba or skimmias? You don't say whether climbers or shrubs but I have grown both of these in the shade and they thrive there and berry well. Pyracantha has berries for me in part shade but not,too sure if it will on north wall. Maybe others know?

hi Verdun  climbers perhaps

Hiya Alan. Not sure about climbers to fit your criteria. I grow a lovely ivy called Buttercup that grows in sun and partial shade. The leaves are a beautiful shade of yellow. Gold heart is another ivy I grow. It's a bright variegated form I think may grow on north wall. Watch this space though because I'm pretty sure someone will have a suggestion or two for you. Pyracantha is a "climber" of sorts....easily trained against a wall, white flowers and yellow, orange or red berries and evergreen

manythanks   V



Pyracantha will grow in shade but it won't have so many flowers, therefore it won't have so many berries. I have one under a tree and it has enough berries to make a show even if it's not as smothered with them as it could be in the sun. The birds will like the berries in the winter. Need to take care when pruning as it's very prickly. Keep it in control and snip bits off when necessary to keep it neat.


Hi all i just got 2 skimmeas from our local gard /cen which i dont use too often but they were really nice and got them for £19,99 each  1 white 1 purplely red both very nice ,,so   thats a start many thanks and  the Morello  cherry sounds very good im now looking for one, by the way i spent the morning at the allotment collecting the darlecks and other composters that were blown all over the place, one shed was blown off its base,and at the main gate a coverless pollytunnel stood all forlorn in the hedge,most bird netting was in ruins and plastic chairs all over, it looked like a battlefield and we lost,anyway cheers everybody many thanks


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