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Hi, I'm new here. A work colleague told me of a small one man nursery near Hetherset, Norwich. Basically a shed and some poly tunnels called Phobes. We can't find it anywhere despite being given directions. There are lots of country lanes here but we feel we've overhead most with no success. Is there anyone out there who can help please? Thankyou
Sorry, should read, we've covered most lanes with no success.
Thanks, I will do that.
A colleague at work told me of this nursery and spelled the name out as well........
I will ask her to try and give me more details tomorrow.

Thank you for replying.

If you find it let me know - it's always good to know of a new nursery 


We moved to this area a few months a go and found Charisma which was a local nursery and at very reasonable prices, the info we got from them was priceless. Unfortunately they are closing/closed down now.

Always the way when you find a little gem......

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