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Oakley Witch

Maybe not just the ladies..maybe the laddies too?

Do you use any of your herbs or plants for personal uses? I dont mean smoke them   lol, I mean as in health benefits, beauty regimes or medicinal purposes?  

I like to think that alot of my own plants are used in my life but was wondering if there was anyone else that did the same?


um dock leaves for nettle stings, um i read somewhere parsley is a powerful aphrodisiac. I'ce seen big fields of opium poppies grown in lincolnshire by the showground for medicinal purposes. 

I did try a blackcurrant sage leaves in a hot water - tea but it taste horrible so not again lavender is good smell plant to have in the garden


We make an infusion of lemon balm for a lovely relaxing drink, and I have used various infusions to rinse my hair - sometimes rosemary, sometimes mint, sometimes sage - depending on how much there is.  

Gardening Grandma

 I don't, but the whole art is fascinating and I have bought a book about this which I hope to use. My gardening skills, which were very dodgy when i retired (and then had 3 years of relative ill-health) are now improving enough for me to know how to grow things better and I'd love to develop my knowledge of herbs. This thread could be very useful!


Oakley Witch
I used rosemary forr a hair rinse...rue to keep rats away, lavander in cookies, honeysuckle is good in a bath to get that deep chill out your bones, sage for sore throats, rosewater for skin, elder for wine both flowers and berries, mugwort for bad dreams (its like a dreamcatcher) and hoping to make wine from lemonbalm this year too.
Oakley Witch
Oh, and if you have a burn, crush up some lavander leaves and flowers...mix with a little honey and apply under a bandage. Leave over night and it will minimise or even stop scarring and will reduce heat and inflamation
Moonlit Hare

Mum swore buy Comfery for brusies strains sprains & brakes, it seemed to work she used to call it nipbone.

Peppermint tea for a dicky tummy

Ginger for digestion

I've been doing a bit of research on a similar thread, we're revamping at the moment so I'd like a useful garden as well as a pretty one!

I found a site the other day, (link below) and it's a site built up on peoples knowledge from around the country, there's quite often clues from the folk names

There are a few other sites but it depends on how deeply you want to get into it, if you would like I've a few other sites that might be helpful.

The one thing they all say is don't ignore your doctor!

You can add bits of herbs to oil too - in jars or bottles


I live off my garden mostly.  Lots of veg and fruit keep me healthy as well as the exercise and fresh air.  We have a Chinese Herbal garden at the Bristol Botanic Garden as well as a Western Herb Garden .  There are myriads of uses for the herbs that many people use.  My favourites are mint and Lemon balm tisane in the evening when you are overtired - too tired to sleep.  Knocks me out.  Lavender in my bath will do the same.  i tie a bunch of the flowers to the tap and the water washes the goodness into my bath.  Rosemary will do the opposite in the morning and wake me up.  But running my hands through herbs growing in the garden will always perk me up.  I could not be without herbs in my cooking, not just for flavour but for digestion.  Rosemary in lamb, sage in pork and onion dishes. basil in pasta. parsley in soup, are all good for your stomach.


Borage - delicious in a Pimms on a warm sunny night, picked and popped into the glass straight away (when we used to have warm summer nights)

Also cammomile tea - lovely with honey when I can't sleep during the night, Really relaxing

hollie hock

Not directly but did use a lot of essential oils in the past. Lavender was great for getting to sleep, couple of drops on the pillow, out for the count. Lemon grass was another favourite as an air freshener/cleanser. Stopted short of making elderflower wine last year as I'm sure I was going to collect cow parsley..................


Oakley Witch

Moonlit Hare, I had a sneaky suspicion you may have a few of your own remedies 

I use that site a fair bit. Stick the others up and lets have a look please. 

Nettles are good for tendons as well. All plants carry a colour which works with the Chakras of the body. If you 'slip' your eyes, you can see its aura which indicates what part of the body it was and is used for 

Sage has a natural aura of blue, your throat chakra is blue, therefore it works well as a gargle for sore throats or laryngitis. can you mix up elderflower and cow parsley? Ones below your feet and the other above your head 

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