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The Manic Slughunter

Thank you for all your birthday wishes I couldn't resist christening my new bench by sowing some Cosmos, Tomatoes, cauliflowers and herbs, and potting up some fuchsias; and I'm testing out how early I can get some courgettes (my fav veggie) I've sown a couple of seeds so now to see if the heat brings me any early fruit....Happy Birthday for Saturday Bev - sounds like your girls know what Mum likes, hope your son gets the hints lol glad to read I'm not alone in having a fab OH/family to clean my wellies now......


Dont forget your cake


No cake for me thanks - don't eat anything that has fewer than 2 legs or more than 4 legs (with the exception of fish and squid).

Alan4711 - have you ever eaten home-made fudge - if not I will have to send you some, if I can get it past my husband.  He's been known to reduce a pound of home made chocolate fudge to crumbs during a Midsomer Body Count, and if I'm daft enough to make rum & raisin, I'm lucky if it goes cold properly before he scoffs the lot (don't like rum or raisins!).



I just love the cake Sotongeoff  it would be a way of making sure her in doors sticks to her diet


Bless: chaps and their chocolates

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