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The Manic Slughunter

Oh WOW! I'm a happy woman today....hubby got me the perfect birthday pressies.....a greenhouse heater, a potting bench, tray etc.,  and a beautiful rose bush  (now he's either encouraging me to keep growing and listened to me oohing and ahhing over my gardening catalogue or......his plan is to keep me out in the greenhouse longer lol...) one very happy gardener here  (not bragging btw just wanted to share my happy surprise with fellow gardeners

Bunny ...
Hehe congrats birthday girl..... I thought you were going to say hubby got you a slug destroying tool .
Mine keeps buying me things too.... Think mines to shut me up

Enjoy your pressies ... Very jealous
Gary Hobson

Well, it's Mothers Day on Sunday.

So it's not too late for all other lady gardeners to be similarly showered with welcome gifts. 


Well firstly Happy birthday The Manic Slughunter,

secondly, whether he has listened to keep you out in the garden & out of his way or because he got you what you wanted. The point is that he listened... 

Bunny ...
Yes that's true manic ..... A Man listened !!! ***sniggers and runs to hide***


I've got a birthday too this year
Bunny ...
Haven't we all Verdun

Happy Birthday. I recently had a voucher given to me on my B/day and dashed out to get a telescopic lopper. What joy have been staggering around the garden with it for the last couple of days.

Bunny, what every year? Every year? Why was I not told?

Happy Birthday Manic - enjoy playing

Gary Hobson

It's nice when someone is thrilled and happy about something, and wants to share their joy with others.

Gardening Grandma

Happy birthday. And you didn't keep clobbering him with heavy hints? He must be a man in a million.


Happy birthday. I'm lucky too, parcel arrived the other day and it was the RHS encyclopedia of plants - a non- birthday present surprise from OH! I put this on another post so sorry for repeating myself.


Busy Lizzie, That is the most useful book, I love mine and use it a lot.


Highland Jeannie

Happy birthday ManicSH, all the best people are born in March - but I expect that you knew that already.  I, too got a potting bench for my birthday 3 days ago, and a trio of obelisks - my hubby's a great garden-pressie buyer too.

Crikey, you are very lucky girls!  I have to give my OH a list every Christmas/Birthday, or else I get Chocolates (it's not that I don't like chocolates, but every time!!).

He's got better since I've given him my Amazon password and have an extensive wish list on there (they are very good for wolf garten tools, which are fab).

I had an unexpected present today, a delivery man turned up with a goody bag (goody holdall is a better description) of 'products of the year' from a competition I'd entered.  Was very exciting unpacking it all, and as the advert says, every little helps.  It will save me at least £40 off my next shop, and there were some treats in there too!  Maybe I can put the money I save towards a greenhouse......

Mummy muddy paws, well done. Here's to your greenhouse soon

will all ladies who don't like chocs please send them to me,i really wont mind having to eat them,life gets so tough some times but i will suffer them especially the fudge and please dont take any notice if Sotongeoff tries to get in on the act hes not to be trusted with chocolates,me me me,


The potty gardener

Happy Birthday The Manic Slughunter. My birthday is on Saturday so with Mothers day on Sunday I have been dropping heavy hints to my son. One of my daughters bought me a lovely little Rose in a pot saying Best Mum- very commercial but very lovely.  My other daughter is in Quatar and has told me to choose a water feature online and send her the details so she can order it for me.

I don't have an OH at the moment - so if any single men on here would like to fill that vacancy.........