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27/03/2013 at 08:00

Pam, I'm sure your day will be a great success. Your garden is absolutely stunning and  I look forward to seeing the next video. I thought the last one was very good, not at all shaky.

You are an inspiration to us all .

27/03/2013 at 16:01
You are all so kind - thankyou

It would be lovely to meet you Bev if you can make it

Lizzie - we are about 20 minutes from W Isley - you would be welcome to pop in for a cuppa any time
Pam LL x
27/03/2013 at 17:09
Pam, all the very best of luck for this coming years NGS

Although not for one minute do I think Barry and yourself will need it!
27/03/2013 at 19:13

Good luck for the coming season, Pam. 

You've set the bar so high, it's going to be difficult to top it...... but if anyone can, you & Barry can.

27/03/2013 at 19:16
Thankyou Dean and David
Pam LL x
13/10/2013 at 14:46

We had a brilliant Open Day

Here is a video I took a couple of days later

Pam LL x

13/10/2013 at 14:48

Oh LL, love it and just the thing to watch on a miserable wet autumn day 


13/10/2013 at 14:50

Thankyou Matty

13/10/2013 at 15:54

Soo soooo lovely Lilylouise. As Matty said how lovely to watch this on such a horrid day. You must spend every waking minute in your garden to keep it so lovely.

Thank you for sharing it

13/10/2013 at 19:00

It's a beautiful garden and I was very lucky to be able to see it as Lilylouise invited me when we went to England in June. Lilylouise and her OH are lovely too.

13/10/2013 at 19:04

Lovely garden Lilylouise, glad your day went well. I recall the pics from the year before, they were equally stunning.

13/10/2013 at 19:35

What a beautiful garden. Must be very relaxing if you ever get the chance to sit in it. Thank you for sharing it with us

16/10/2013 at 16:38

Thankyou for watching my video and all your very kind comments 

We have filled the forms in for next year

Pam LL x

16/10/2013 at 19:37

Pam! Thought you was gunna give it a rest this year? 

Take it the decision has been made to not! 

Your garden is to "Die For" But please don't over do it! xx

16/10/2013 at 19:54

It is hard to break the habit Dean   It is something to look forward to when  we do the garden as we do anyway

Pam LL x

17/10/2013 at 13:57

Just make sure you post the date Pam. 

I am sure gardeners here would love to visit

17/10/2013 at 14:53

i love your garden Pam and wish i was able to visit, i dont think i will ever be able to achieve your standard but i keep trying


18/10/2013 at 07:01

Thankyou Little Ann

Pam LL x

18/10/2013 at 08:22

Hi Pam, just had another look at your video, your garden really is spectacular!

Can't help wondering though, don't you ever get that horrible weather with heavy rain that flattens everything (not that I wish it on you, heaven forbid!)?

18/10/2013 at 21:02

Thankyou Sue

We do  get horrible weather sometimes

Pam LLx

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